How can I see lyrics for my songs?





Listening to our favorite tunes is always more fun when we can view their lyrics!


Currently, there are a couple different ways to see the lyrics of a track from the Now Playing View:

  • Lyrics: Available in select markets and tracks, you can view the full lyrics synced to the track 
  • Behind the Lyrics: You can get some lyrics plus the story behind the song with Spotify and Genius

To view what's available in your location and how to access them, head to our support site article.


It's possible you might not be able to see either option

This can be due to different reasons (click to expand):

  • Lyrics/Behind the Lyrics are not available for this specific track.
  • Lyrics/Behind the Lyrics don't work with Offline Mode.
  • Lyrics might not be available in your market/region. In that case, you can add your +VOTE and feedback to this idea to stay in the loop.
  • Behind the Lyrics are available in all markets. Note that the insights are most frequently in English.
  • Lyrics won’t work with Spotify Connect. However, if you’re using screen mirroring like AirPlay or Chromecast from the mobile app, you’ll be able to see the lyrics there too. Rest assured that our teams are working on improving this.
  • If you see Lyrics on a track, it's expected that Behind the Lyrics won't be visible.
  • There might be an issue. In that case, check some troubleshooting steps here.


Keep in mind that we're always working on improving the features of the app. 


Remember that if something isn't available at the moment, it doesn't mean it will always be so. For example, new lyrics and stories are added to Genius every day.



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