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How do I add a Spotify widget to my iPhone (iOS) Lock Screen?


With the Spotify lock screen widget, you can easily navigate straight into the app whenever you want at a glance.

The Spotify lock screen widget is available globally to Free and Premium users running iOS 16 or later on iPhone devices.

1- Touch and hold the Lock Screen until the Customize button appears, then tap Customize.

2- Select Lock Screen.

3- Tap Add Widgets.

4- Search for the Spotify app in the supported listed apps, then tap on Spotify.

5- Drag or Tap the widget to add to the Lock Screen.

6- When you're finished, hit the close button, then tap Done.

Note: If you've noticed that the Spotify widget is all of a sudden missing from your iPhone Lock Screen after the Spotify app has updated, we wanted to let you know that this can sometimes happen to Lock Screen widgets temporarily after an app update.


How to get the Spotify widget to show up again on your Lock Screen if it's missing after an app update:


1- Open the Spotify app like you normally would by tapping on the app icon from your Home Screen.

2- After opening the app, the Spotify widget should show up on your Lock Screen again.