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How do I navigate around the Spotify Community?




Welcome to the Spotify Community! The Spotify Community is a great place where you can share your ideas, chat or ask for help with other Spotify users.


If you're new, make sure to check out this guide as well.


The Community is structured into the following areas:

  • Help Boards: This is the place to ask for help from other Spotify users, as well as find issues that are ongoing. Just pick the correct board corresponding with the platform you're having troubles for and check if there's already an existing thread with the issue you're experiencing. If not, start a new one! Our Spotify Stars, Community Moderators or other Spotify users will be happy to lend a hand.
  • Chat boards: Here you can chat with other users about music, even find or share playlists you like with other Spotify users. 
  • Ideas: This is the place where you can add your support to ideas other users have suggested. There's more information about how the Ideas Exchange works here
  • FAQsThis is the Community's tribal knowledge center. You can find anything from how the Community or Spotify app features work to troubleshooting. 
  • Stars area: If you're interested in joining the Spotify Stars Program, this is where you can apply. Once you join the program, you'll be able to access more boards from here. There's more info about the Stars Program in this FAQ.
  • Community Blog
  • The Vault: The Spotify Community has been around for more than 10 years! In order to keep the community fresh, we'll place older or inactive content here. You can browse archived blogs, threads, and ideas in view-only mode in this board. 

You can easily access the different areas of the Community from the sidebar menu:

  1. Click the menuMenu IconMenu Icon on the top of the screen or tap the menu icon: 

  2. Select the area you want to see on the sidebar that appearsSpotify Community MenuSpotify Community Menu




  3. Choose the specific board or double click the area's title to see all content. For example, if you click on Help, you'll see all the boards contained in the Help section. You can then click on the one you want to view:

    Spotify Community Menu - Help BoardsSpotify Community Menu - Help Boards



If you're curious about the available ranks for the Community users, we'd recommend taking a look at this FAQ for more info.


You can also take a look at the Community Guidelines in here.



Didn't help? Search for more Spotify Answers, or create a new thread and ask the Community. Click the Tags to see related FAQ content.