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What is Spotify Community?


Welcome to the Spotify Community!


Here, music fans like you from all walks of life come together to share their Spotify knowledge, discuss ideas, talk music and trade answers to questions.



Complementing our Support site, the Spotify Community is the place to help listeners get the most out of the service. If our support site doesn’t have the answer to a question, the Community most likely might.


Get Started


To help you get familiarized with the different boards and navigate around, we've written this FAQ, check it out! 


While you're there, check out the other FAQs we've written for more help when posting in the Community.


The people behind the Community


If you're curious about who might be posting in the Community, look no further:


  • Community Managers, Moderators, and Spotify Staff
    You can distinguish them by the Spotify logo next to their username and the rank title they have  
  • Community Stars
    Our Stars are Community superusers. You can read more about the Spotify Star Program here.
  • Spotify Community Users
    That's you! 

You can find a great overview of all ranks and their perks here.


What’s great is everyone helps everyone else, regardless of rank, knowledge, or experience. After all, that’s what a good Community’s all about.


Here are some tips when posting in the Community:


Always be respectful and polite to other users 

* If a reply helped you, consider marking it as a solution so other users can find it more easily

* It's good to familiarize yourself with our Community Guidelines

* If you have an issue with the app, it's always good to try some basic troubleshooting first. If that doesn't help, search the Community for users posting about the same issue first before starting a new thread

* When visiting a board, make sure to check out the floated threads - they contain useful info

* Don't be shy to contribute! Many people have questions about Spotify. Remember, you don't need to be a developer or a tech guru to answer some of these questions! 
* You can introduce yourself and meet other Community users here!



See you around 🙂


Originally written by Community Legend Kate


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