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How does Spotify Radio work?






Spotify Radio is a feature that creates a playlist based on any Song, Album, Playlist or Artist you select. The playlist also updates over time to keep fresh.


Imagine you're not really sure what to listen to specifically right now, but you know what mood you're in. Simply select let's say a Song which represents this mood best and start the Radio from there!



To start a Radio station on Desktop, Mobile or Web Player:


  1. Go to any Song, Album, Playlist or Artist.
  2. Select Ivan_0-1610957534572.png or Ivan_1-1610957534785.png.  
  3. Select Go to Song/Album/Artist radio.


Tip: It's possible to launch an Album-based radio station only on web player and mobile. On desktop, you can start an Artist radio from an Album. 





The Radio feature will create a playlist of roughly 50 tracks. If you want the Radio to play endlessly, make sure you enable the Autoplay option in the app settings. Another way to start an endless mix of similar songs is to launch a radio station from a Playlist. This will be indicated by the following label on desktop and mobile: 






You can Like (on desktop) or Follow (on mobile) a Radio playlist to save it under Playlists in Your Library. If you have Premium, you can download it too! 









Q: Can I tune into an AM or FM radio station with Spotify.

A: No, but what you can with Spotify Radio is better! Unlimited stations, continuous music based on your personal taste and no ads if you are a Premium member.


Q: I started a Radio Station but it's not endless.

A: Be sure to enable Autoplay in the Spotify settings. As soon as the playlist is over, you'll get the endless mix based on your personal recommendations. You can also start an endless radio from a Playlist. 


Q: I don't like the songs I am being served.

A: The longer you use Spotify the more we learn about what songs you like. You'll notice that stations are improving with time the more you listen.
It's also possible to Dislike
Ivan_0-1611040630831.png a track in a Radio based on a playlist to let Spotify know about your preferences. For the time being, the Dislike feature is only available on the mobile app.


Q: I followed a Radio Station but it's not appearing in my Library.

A: Wait a bit and it will appear shortly.


Q: I used to have a 'Create new Station' button in my Library.

A: This button has been removed. Above you can read how to start a new station.


Q: I'm listening to music and it becomes a Radio Station which I don't want.

A: Disable Autoplay in the Spotify settings to prevent a Radio Station from generating once a Playlist or Album has finished.



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