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How does the Play Queue work?




In this article you can get more info on how the Play Queue works and how to add and remove songs.


The Play Queue can be accessed via the queue.PNG button, located in the Now Playing View (mobile, for Premium users) and the Now Playing Bar (desktop and Web Player).


Now Playing ViewNow Playing View

Now Playing BarNow Playing Bar

It is separated into the following sections:

  • Next from
  • Next in queue
  • Next up

Next from


This is the main section of the queue. When you play an artist, album, podcast or playlist, the songs/episodes will show up here.




Next in queue


This is where the items you've manually queued are placed in. You can manually queue songs, albums, playlists and episodes from the three dots menu > Add to queue.


Tip: On mobile, you can also queue songs/albums/episodes by swiping left!


Note: The stuff that's under Next in queue has priority, meaning the app will play them first before moving on to the Next from section.




Next up


If you have Autoplay similar content toggled on, the automatically generated songs will appear here.




Removing songs from the queue


Here's how to clear the Play Queue depending on the device you're using:


Desktop and Web Player


  1. Click the queue.PNG button in the Now Playing Bar, located in the bottom-right of corner to open the Play Queue.
  2. For songs/episodes under the Next in queue section, press Clear queue to remove all items instantly.
  3. For songs/episodes under Next from or Next up, right-click an item and select Remove from queue.

    Captura 2.PNG

Tip: You can also remove tracks via the Backspace key on your keyboard. You can multi-select with the help of the Ctrl / Shift keys too.

Mobile and tablet


  1. Tap the queue.PNG button in the bottom-right of corner, located in the Now Playing View to open the Play Queue.
  2. For songs/episodes under the Next in queue section, tap Clear queue to remove all items instantly.
  3. Tap icon_ring.png to the left of the track you want to remove and hit Remove at the bottom.



There's more about the Play Queue in this article


Note that if your app continues to play songs after your album/playlist/podcast ends, you might have Autoplay toggled on. More info on how it works here.


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