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What do I need to join the Spotify Stars Program?


You've probably spotted the Spotify Stars posting in this forum and wondered, 'what is a Star and how can I become one?'.


We covered what the Stars are in this FAQ, so now's the time to cover the how.


When you're applying for the program, the Community team will have a look at your application, and decide if you'd be a good candidate.


Here are some examples of what we'll be looking for:

Have you been in the Spotify Community long?

Being a superuser in this forum and getting the advanced permissions that come with it means that you'll need to be familiar with how the Community works. 


A way we can tell this is if you've been actively a member of the Community for at least 3 months.


That doesn't mean that if you've been here for less time your application will be rejected though! This is just a good starting point for us to see your activity over a period of time. 


If you're wondering where to start, check out this FAQ on navigating the Community.

Do you already have helpful or engaging posts that we can look at?

Stars are not just symbols in the sky - here they're Spotify Community users that go above and beyond! They help users, chat about all things music, and help Staff manage ideas.


When you submit your application, we'll look into your Community posts to see if you've posted some consistently good posts. That can range from explaining Community functions to other users, helping with troubleshooting, linking to helpful resources or engaging with other Chat users. So, make sure you keep up with your posts! 

Are you over 18?

At this time, we're only adding people over the age of 18 to the Program.

If you're younger, you can always reapply at a later time!



One last thing - at this time, we're only looking at applications submitted in English as it's the Community's officially supported language. We'll let you know if this changes in the future!




Once you've submitted your application, the Community team will be reaching out via the Private Message function to let you know about the next steps.

If you're over 18, make sure you have your Community PMs enabled so you don't miss it! Here's how to do that.


Good luck and see you around the forums!



Didn't help? Search for more FAQs, or create a new thread and ask the Community.