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What is Automix?




Let Spotify be the DJ to your party! 🕺 Exclusive Spotify playlists blend and auto-mix content, allowing seamless transitions between tracks. 


You can listen with Automix on Desktop, iOS or Android. Try it with this playlist:


this playlist.

The what & how:

  • The Automix feature blends your songs, providing you with seamless beat-matched transitions between tracks.
    (And it also works also when Shuffle is on!)
  • The transition's end and start points are decided by Spotify and matched to each tune separately - meaning that the length of the overlap cannot be manually influenced.
  • The setting is set to on by default and can be located under Settings > Playback.

Note: Automix may override Crossfade on select editorial playlists.

How do I enable/disable Automix?


On iOS or Android:

1. Head Settings > Playback in the Spotify app. You can access settings by going to your profile picture in the top left corner and then tapping the Settings and privacy gear icon.
2. Toggle 'Automix' to enable or disable this feature.
On desktop devices:
1. Click on your profile name and choose for Settings.
2. Click 'Show advanced settings'.
3. Under Playback, toggle: 'Automix - Enable smooth transitions between songs in a playlist'.
Note: You can’t set Automix when using Spotify Connect.

What if it doesn't work?

- Not every playlist supports Automix. Make sure the playlist you're playing supports Automix.
- Make sure your using the latest version of the Spotify app on a desktop, iOS or Android device.
You can also check out Crossfade to listen seamlessly to any playlist. You can find more information here.
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