Why do my Local files appear on another device, but won't download?




If you're trying to sync Local Files to your mobile form your desktop, but for some reason certain songs won't sync and stay grayed out, you can usually solve it by double-checking the following:


  • Are you on the same WiFi as your desktop device
  • Do you have enough storage space on your mobile and desktop devices?
  • Are you over the 10,000 limit on your mobile or the 50,000 global limit of local songs?
  • Have you tried re-downloading the entire list, but see that the same songs stay grayed out?
  • Have you checked if the song’s already on Spotify?
  • Have you re-installed Spotify on both devices and re-downloaded everything?
  • Are other media players playing the track just fine?
  • Is the file a supported file format, like mp3?


If the track still just won't sync, here's what @Jacob_ suggested:


  • Re-download the song, but add it to a sub-folder of your "Downloads" folder.
  • Try downloading (or moving the file you already had) to a sub-folder, or different folder altogether.
  • Add that folder as a source for your Local Files.


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