Why isn’t my Friend Feed working?

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We’re aware that several people are reporting that the Friend Feed fails to load. We’ve already passed this on to our developers, and a fix has been applied to lower the instances of this from happening. A failed feed looks like this:
If you’re still experiencing this, try the following steps:
  • Check that you’re following other users. If you go to another user’s profile, check that the green Following button is there. If it is, try unfollowing and following again.
  • Other users that you follow must have played something within 7 days on a device that supports sharing listening history. This includes Desktop, iOS or Android devices. Web Player and hardware speakers aren’t supported at this point.
  • Other users that you follow must have ‘Publish my activity on Spotify’ enabled in their app's Settings to be seen in your own Friend Feed.
  • Other users that you follow are listening on Spotify through the native app itself rather than using Spotify Connect to a device.


If all of these conditions are met, try the following to see if your Friend Feed works:

  • Toggle the setting "See what your friends are playing" off then on again
  • Different device
  • Different internet connection
  • Reinstall the app
  • Restart your devices


If these steps don't help, you can also try tweaking the 'hosts' file on your PC/Mac as it may help. To do that, check out a couple of more in depth answers from our Rock Stars:

For Windows PC:

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For Mac:

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