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Ability to Delete Radio Stations

Why are you guys starting us out with Radio stations that you pick for us. Why can't we have no stations and then decide on genre or artists ourselves. Now I'm stuck with a David Guetta station and I don't even know who he is. Also why can't we get a like or dislike button for the songs that come up in the radio station. Skipping a song doesn't mean we don't like it, maybe we are just not in the mood to listen to it at that time.


2014-04-25 Hey everyone. We're back again! And we're excited to announce this idea status is now "Implemented". Now you can delete radio stations on desktop, web, iPhone, and Android. Thanks for your feedback everyone! We're excited to give you this feature based on your support for this idea.


I would simply like more customizatin when it comes to radio stations. For example, I listened to an album one time of an artist i'm not too fond of and just recently reformatted my computer with the release of mountation lion for osx. Upon reinstalling spotify on my computer, that one album was the first station to come up. I did not listen to it, rather searched for another artist who I am more fond of and began listening to that radio station. Now however, the first album of the band that I do not like is always under my recent radio stations list.


I would simply like the ability to be able to right click on that station and select "Remove from Recent Radio Stations" or something along those lines. More radio station management would be nice. 


Yep, I am looking at moving from Pandora to Spotify, but I dont like this one bit.

i never paid much mind to SPotify since I usually just want to listen to random music (within parameters) and Pandora does a great job of that.

However, every now and then I want to listen to a specific song or group of songs so when I heard SPotify had a radio feature now I thought I woudl give it a hot.

However, I often will setup a radio station to give it a whirl but then want to delete it later.


Also, in my case I accidentally (I swear) created a Maroon 5 radio station that mocks me every time I look at the app!


This seems like a bug report, not an feature request.


In addition to not being able to delete stations, there's no indication of whether you've thumbed up a given song.  Which leads to duplicate songs in your "Liked from Radio" playlist.

Status changed to: Good idea, vote for it

Came over here from This Thread to add my kudos and say this is a much-needed feature. On the iPad/iPhone too.


Yelp's comment is something I've noticed too.


I wish I could believe it was an oversight or incompetence, but I highly doubt that is the case. More likely it's an intentional usability trap designed to get a certain result. Basically, they design the application a certain way to "encourage" behavior. By not allowing you to delete a station, maybe you'll listen to it and increase your exposure to Justin Buttbuddy or whomever. Maybe there are other reasons as well, but I can nearly guarantee it is an intentional part of the design. Personally, I don't like to be manipulated and I don't appreciate the inconvenience. There are superior alternatives (iHeart, Pandora), that care more about providing a usable product, than controlling my behavior. 


i agree with the rest of the disgruntled users - HOW COULD THIS FUNCTION NOT EXIST ?? any halfwit developer could have forseen the need for this option ..


This is the one feature I'm waiting for before purchasing. Let's get it going ASAP!


I've had spotify for awhile now, maybe since January. and while I really like it to listen to streaming music, I just go to other apps that stream music on end for hours with no chance of repeating. It would be nice to have the ability to create radio stations though when I do get the itch to add a station or accidently add one.


Just adding another voice to this idea. The inability to delete unwanted radio stations is very frustrating.