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Add Equalizer in Spotify

For ipod touch there is a huge need for eq because Spotify bypasses the regular Apple Sound Settings.

I use high end headphones but need to be able to fintune the settings so I can enjoy my music and tech equally.

So please, please make an EQ for the spotify app

Updated: 2015-09-17

Spotify now lets you enjoy music audio the way you want to hear it with the launch of our in-app equalizer on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply update the latest version of the Spotify iOS app and go to Settings > Playback > Equalizer to access the new feature.

If you're one of our Android friends, we already have a native equalizer which you can access inside the app under Audio Effects in the Settings. 

If you'd like to see an equalizer on desktop you can give kudos to this "Equalizer for the Desktop Version" idea. Thanks!


I can't find the equalizer in the Android Spotify app. Where is it?

Also it would be great if we could have equalizer settings per playlist, applied automatically. I.e. you probably want very different equalizer settings for techno/trance, pop, heavy metal, classical etc. It would be great if I could set the equalizers settings for the playlists once, and then Spotify automatically applied them each time the playlist opened.

Why was EQ for android removed, and at the same time the PC EQ hasn't been implemented, Spotify *billion* dollar company btw


With Android devices, the Equalizer setting only appears if your device has a built-in equalizer. Alas, my Huawei P10 Lite does not, so not equalizer in Spotify for me.


Why it's not possible to use equalizer when a track is playing. When you have a good sound system. It's not nice to hear more bass then needed. 


It would be nice when Spotify listing to his premium users. Cause I noticed that their are many with the same question, you wrote me that after 100 votes...So please understand some of us, have very good audio equipment. So make equation possible on any (IOS, Android etc.) platform. And when does the Volume Normalize works? With Apple-music it's possible, why not with Spotify. How ti solve this problem?!!!Just at a number/sign on every track on the servers which (when needed) show how many dB's it must be increased. 


A lot of messages in this thread. Impossible to read them all 4me but I quickly wanted to share two points also from my side which again point on releasing a common equilizer module over all platforms on which spotify runs on:


  1. I have high quality headphones connected to my PC but still canßt get to max audio experience (In fact I sometimes think that I should plug in my 20,- bucks head-set for better over-all experience since for example bass does not always come through as I would like
  2. Why do I have to remember different features for spotify depending on the OS I am using? This drastically lowers UX and my expectations I previously had towards Spotify.

Please guys! We admire you. You must become the best-on-the-planet audio streaming vendor and go for the MAX for your millions of listeners (which means to also listen back on us)!! 


Keep on rockin!



Would love to have the EQ back to increase the bass levels in some of my electronic tracks


I would love to see the equalizer feature on Desktop.  It works amazingly on my Pixel 2XL, just wish it was available here on desktop


Please implement an Equalizer for the desktop app.  I believe this technology is very easy to integrate, and have found many third party applications that can finetune the audio quality. 


(If I'm just missing the EQ on the desktop Spotify, please let me know!)

The equalizer function is not good at all. Why is it buried (in the Android version)? Why is there no eq in the (Mac) desktop version? For a service dedicated to streaming audio, it's basically an atrocious shame that such a needed feature is such an afterthought. I honestly have to reconsider Spotify because like many people, I listen to lots of different music, and making it tricky to adjust the sound is such a huge disappointment. (let alone the fact that it's not even THERE on macos) It doesn't leave me feeling an more reassured when I see how far back this conversation goes.