Make entire play queue editable

There's currently two queues in Spotify:


  • The editable queue. ("Queued tracks")
  • The locked queue. ("Next tracks")

If you press the  queue button with tracks in both lists, you can see that these two queues follow each other. The editable queue always plays first.


The problem is having a locked queue at all.


You can't empty it without interrupting playback, and you'll have to use a workaround to do so. You can't reorder it or add or delete songs. After finishing the editable queue, Spotify always continues playback from the locked queue.


The workaround is starting playback at the very last item on a page. The locked queue will then have no further items. Then you can continue by purely using the queue right-click function instead of double-click or enter. This adds items to the editable queue. These tracks can then be reordered and deleted as you wish.


This UI behaviour is, however, not very user-friendly and quite frankly really annoying. It's also very unconventional having two queues in a music player. I've never seen any other software using either a dual-queue system or a locked queue system.


Here's a good implementation suggestion from user Styrke:



Google Play Music's queue system is really easy to understand and use. Just do what they do.


I can describe it by three (3) easy bullets:


  • Double clicking a song starts playing it and adds the rest of the list that the song came from to the queue. (The queue gets overwritten)
  • Right click one or more songs to add them to the top ("play next") or the bottom ("add to queue") of the queue.
  • Everything in the queue can be removed or rearranged by drag-and-drop



EDIT: I updated the terminology to match the new Spotify. Items are no longer yellow and white, but are now under separate headings and in the same color instead.

Updated: 2016-12-16

Hey everyone, now you can edit your Play Queue on your Desktop, Android and iOS device. You can add songs to 'Up Next', remove songs and clear the queue. Thanks for continuing to bring us great ideas!

Music Fan

I didn't even understand why the queue is always playing unrelated crap that I'd never added on purpose, now I get it - it's adding the entire list of search results which is INSANE. Also why can't I edit the queue? As it stands, the queue makes little to no sense.

Music Fan

As a software developer, I'm used to seeing bad ideas making it into the first version of a piece of software. The inability to manage the play queue is an excellent example of a bad idea that should be fixed quickly. What does surprise me is the way Spotify appears to ignore complaints about problems in its client. Not only does the company frustrate its users, it gives the impression that it doesn't listen.


So it is here. Not only has Spotify failed to address the matter but what little response there has been indicates it will not do so for a very long time, if in fact it ever does. This combines bad software development and bad public relations. Spotify has become very good at making itself look bad.


The play queue need to be fully editable. Single tracks should be removable regardless of how they were put in the queue and it should be possible to select multiple tracks and remove them all at once as well. This is such a basic and obviously useful piece of design it almost beggars belief that Spotify has left this bad flaw in the client for so long.


Please put fixing the play queue at the top of your developers' "fix queue".

Festival Fanatic

I'm glad this is under consideration, but it seems to take a while, so in the meantime the following might come in handy.


A hacky way to empty the queue of automatically added tracks, that is slightly simpler than the solution suggested by @Tiblic


  1. Make an empty playlist
  2. Whenever you want to empty the queue, right click on your empty playlist and choose "Choose as Current Playlist"

You will get an annoying little "This track is not available" warning on the top of your Spotify window, but your play queue will now only consist of the tracks you have manually added to it, which you can edit as you like :)

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Yes please improve the queue logic. I never get what I expect when queueing songs--songs often repeat, old song suddenly appear even after supposedly resetting it by starting a new album from the top.

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Now the choose-empty-playlist-as-current-playlist solution has stopped working as well! Anyone else having the same problem with the latest version of Spotify? (

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented


Hey everyone! We're back to let you know this idea is still "Under Consideration". If we have an update on the ability to edit the Play Queue we will post here first. 

Thanks for your continued support and feedback here in the Community!

Concert VIP

I like that Spotify adds entire lists and whatnot to the queue in as lower priority items. However, I would very much like the ability to delete items from the low priority queue (not manually queued). This would solve another gripe I have, which is no "Stop After Current" functionality.


Two birds, yo! ;-)


I'd like to have the possibility to quickly erase songs from play queue with some (q) shortcut and also to move songs around by draging them with mouse


 This was posted two years ago. WHY ISN'T THE QUEUE EDITABLE YET????????

Concert Regular

I'd like to be able to edit the queue regardless of the way songs were added to the queue.


For instance, if I double click a playlist, the queue consists of songs in the playlist. I'd like to be able to remove a song that I wouldn't like to hear right now. Also I'd like to have the chance to change the order of the (not only manually added) songs in the queue.


If I add songs manually to the queue, I can arrange them in any way I want. That's the way I want the queue to be for all of the songs that are in the queue.


A hotkey for queueing songs would be a nice improvement as well.