Add Equalizer in Spotify

For ipod touch there is a huge need for eq because Spotify bypasses the regular Apple Sound Settings.

I use high end headphones but need to be able to fintune the settings so I can enjoy my music and tech equally.

So please, please make an EQ for the spotify app

Updated: 2015-09-17

Spotify now lets you enjoy music audio the way you want to hear it with the launch of our in-app equalizer on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply update the latest version of the Spotify iOS app and go to Settings > Playback > Equalizer to access the new feature.

If you're one of our Android friends, we already have a native equalizer which you can access inside the app under Audio Effects in the Settings. 

If you'd like to see an equalizer on desktop you can give kudos to this "Equalizer for the Desktop Version" idea. Thanks!

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Bumpity bump! I totally agree with everyone in this thread. I use the EQ in iTunes very genttly because I have a flat set of speakers and in-ears. It's the only thing I miss in Spotify!

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Would this be covered in this Equalizer Idea?



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Android got this recently... Where is the IOS love? 


Can we get an update?


Wanted to chime in on this as well. I have a Nexus 7 tablet and the Android version of Spotify has an EQ now with is great! Unfortunately as we all know, most Android devices have horrible quality audio outputs compared to Apple's hardware, and I can't wait till you guys add an EQ into the iOS version of Spotify! 


Super stoked for this update to hit :)

An EQ is about the only thing I miss in the Spotify app for iOS.
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I **bleep**ING NEED EQ. It's been a while since February (when this thread was started) and I am seriously considering another streaming service. Not because they've got an equalizer, but because you guys really suck for not having it. HOW **bleep**ING DIFFICULT CAN IT POSSIBLY BE? 


I've been fine tuning a random playlist on iTunes for years, including custom equalizer settings for specific albums, even specific to certain songs.  I'm just trying out spotify for the first time, and honestly, it's kind of a dealbreaker for me not to have an equalizer that has the same functionality that itunes does...  I like the availabilty of new music and music/social networking that spotify offers, but stereos have had at least a bass and treble knob since the 1960's, it's important for audio players to have this!


EQ and Volume boosting should have been in Spotify from day 1! No excuses for not having it!! Sometimes i'm at a place where i need to use a headset, and it really buggs me if i can't crank it up loud, or get the extra bottom of the bass....please, for the love of something, add this. Or else i will make a Facebook page: EQ in Spotify or i will hunt you down :D


BTW "Under consideration" is not good enough. Not by far! As said earlier, should have been in Spotify from day 1! So, do it, just do it!


Oh, and for all you people saying: Buy better headphones etc. you're missing the point. EQ is needed!