Add Equalizer in Spotify

For ipod touch there is a huge need for eq because Spotify bypasses the regular Apple Sound Settings.

I use high end headphones but need to be able to fintune the settings so I can enjoy my music and tech equally.

So please, please make an EQ for the spotify app

Updated: 2015-09-17

Spotify now lets you enjoy music audio the way you want to hear it with the launch of our in-app equalizer on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply update the latest version of the Spotify iOS app and go to Settings > Playback > Equalizer to access the new feature.

If you're one of our Android friends, we already have a native equalizer which you can access inside the app under Audio Effects in the Settings. 

If you'd like to see an equalizer on desktop you can give kudos to this "Equalizer for the Desktop Version" idea. Thanks!

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Hello I totally agree with the idea of adding built in equalizer for Spotify (all versions - Win, Mac, Mobile). It should be like a regular equalizer - regulation of the gain for the main octaves should be enough, also there must me an option to save your settings on the equalizer and also it would be nice to have some presets.


It's been months since people started requesting an EQ on the IOS platform. i don't understand why Android users have an EQ on their version of spotify yet Iphone users don't. I'm a premium user, and I have been paying monthly for spotify. I have sent in numerous requests and voted up on this issue already and yet, it seems you all show a lack of concern for your customer satisfaction.


Multiple people have threated to stop subscribing to spotify because of the lack of an EQ. 

It seems evident to me that the adminstrators of Spotify are showing complete disregard for their customers.

I am tired of waiting. If an EQ is not included in the next update, I am officially reverting back to free spotify and my Itunes. 

AS A FELLOW USER, you can help PUSH THIS ISSUE by actually stopping your subscription as well (upon the next update, so we actually still give them a chance even though we've given them MANY), until they chose to ACTUALLY do something about it instead of always putting it off for "other more important tasks"


I am a customer, and i am not satisified. 


This is a little crazy. 


People have been asking for this for years. You secretly add the feature, then you remove it? You have already written the software, all you have to do is activate it.  What kind of a strange game are you playing with us? I have a good mind to take the previous poster's advice, and cancel my paid subscription, and play my music through iTunes.


Just for the record, I recently cancelled my premium subscription because of this whole EQ story. Spotify, please bring the EQ back in the next iPhone update and for sure I will subscribe again. Until then, I am not interested in paying for a faulty product. 






To Spotify,


Many of us are still patiently hoping and waiting for the equalizer to be implemented on iPad etc, over a year now.


Could I please ask you to give an official update with a time scale, to everyone who is looking forward to using the equalizer again.


Look forward to hearing from you.


Thank you.


Music Fan

Please, an Equalizer for iPad and/or make support for Audiobus.

Festival VIP

An EQ would greatly enhance the playback on Spotify. I'd love to hear an update on this idea.

Music Fan
Dear Spotify People I would like to reinforce this feature request! I use a Mac. On the Mac OSX application a great way to add an equaliser would be for Spotify to support Apple AudioUnits - there is a great equaliser included in the system already - with 10 or 31 bands. Other audio apps do this already and it is very useful for fine tuning the sound. For example, Audirvana Plus provides support to access to add "AUGraphicEQ" (and other units) under their application preferences - it's really simple to use and can be adjusted in real time. I think this would be a great solution for Mac users and one Spotify should consider.
Concert Regular

I've been a Spotify user for years now and I have always wondered why this was not a feature from the start. I seriously don't get it. I know there are some purists out there who think everyone should "get better headphones" and/or "listen to the music as it was intended" but that's such a rude, @$$hole thing to say. Just because I enjoy a little more bass in my music doesn't mean that I'm somehow doing it an injustice - or that I don't have good headphones (which not everyone can afford, for the record). It's just a matter of preference.


And for Spotify to say something like this is pretty low priority is rather surprising to me. Admittedly, I don't know what it would take to implement this feature but since it IS such a standard among other music players I question why it hasn't been taken care of and gotten out of the way already...