Add Equalizer in Spotify

For ipod touch there is a huge need for eq because Spotify bypasses the regular Apple Sound Settings.

I use high end headphones but need to be able to fintune the settings so I can enjoy my music and tech equally.

So please, please make an EQ for the spotify app

Updated: 2015-09-17

Spotify now lets you enjoy music audio the way you want to hear it with the launch of our in-app equalizer on the iPhone and iPad.

Simply update the latest version of the Spotify iOS app and go to Settings > Playback > Equalizer to access the new feature.

If you're one of our Android friends, we already have a native equalizer which you can access inside the app under Audio Effects in the Settings. 

If you'd like to see an equalizer on desktop you can give kudos to this "Equalizer for the Desktop Version" idea. Thanks!


I'm using Spotify a lot, but when i use my speakers or my boomblaster, the bass is too low. Please add EQ for iOS and Android! Then we can adjust the sound and bass ourselves!


Oh yeah!

With an eq Spotify (iPhone) would be Heaven !

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I think the public has been in nearly-unanimous support of the equalizer. Personally, I think the 10-band Beta EQ functioned well. However, if you are making a new EQ, please don't oversimplify it. If you guys are planing on adding presets, make sure it is still fully customizable for people like me, who are technical and very picky about their sound. For this, I need at least a 10-band custom EQ (but 15 would be even better). Again, the beta equalizer was still good! Looking forward to the restoration or re-release of this highly-demanded part of the app!

EQ plz! The community is clamoring for it, and it's frustrating that a service that's so complete in so many other ways doesn't have this feature.




I don't know if this has been written before, however I have great news for Mac users!


You can download a little app called AirFoil, and then set equalizer for the whole system! (which means equaliser for Spotify as well)


However, since this requires extra time to process, you'll get a lag about 2 seconds in your audio. Keep this in mind, and cancel Airfoil when you watch movies / videos. 


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I'd also like to request an equalizer for spotify, I'm a premium subscriber with a decent set if headphones that are very neutral sounding, I'm guessing for classical and jazz. However I prefer hip-hop techno pop and alternative, all benefit greatly from a little boosted bass and treble while keeping mids flat. My headphones sound amazing on my pc but kinda flat on my iphone and an eq is really kind of a deal breaker at this point, might just start buying itunes songs to use the iOS eq if we don't get one. Tons of requests for one why wouldn't the largest music app include such a simple feature?
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Would be really nice to have an official EQ for spotify, Equalify has stopped working on my computer and I really miss it.


Please bring back the Equalizer in the iOS App. At least for people who are Premiumusers - cause we are paying for the maximum of musical enjoyment!

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Dear spotify, if you will not come up with an EQ then i'm affraid that i'll cancel my monthly sub and replace you with the new Beats Music. Would be nice enough to make a statement to us (your customera) if and so when this will be done an if not ten just say so. Then we can all replace your app for a different one. A disappointed iPhone user...

I am simply going to switch to Beats Music, if it offers a built-in equalizer for iOS. Otherwise, I will just start buying music from iTunes.

Either way, I am cancelling my subscription very soon, because I cannot wait anymore. It is plain embarrassing for a 'music' app to lack equalizer. Good bye Spotify.

--long time customer.