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Add support for Android TV

Android TV is Google's latest take on Android for the TV and is released with Android 5.0 Lollipop.

The first device running Android TV is Google's own device Nexus Player.


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The good thing with Android TV is that it runs regular Android apps with some modifications and it also has built in support for Google Cast.


Updated: 2016-05-19

Starting today, you’ll find Spotify on Android TV devices including Sony’s BRAVIA, NVIDIA SHIELD, Philips and the Bbox Miami by Bouygues Telecom. Click here for a complete list of all devices that support Android TV.


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Status changed to: Implemented

I think this is a must for Spotify to support. Nexus player will probably be a big seller and it's the Android alternative to Apple TV (which Spotify already has support for via airplay).
Therefore it would be unfair to Android users not to support nexus player, especially since Spotify still does not support Chromecast.

The non existent chromecast support was/is a big disappointment to Android users and a mistake I think Spotify shouldn't repeat.
If the nexus player (Google TV) isn't supported there's a big risk that alot of users will turn to other suppliers of music streaming services instead of Spotify.


I'm currently working on Spotify app for Android TV (Nexus Player).

Right now I can login with any premium account, list the user's playlists and play each track.

I will let you know here when I have an available beta on the play store.


I know Android TV is new, and so maybe Spotify doesn't want to risk wasting development time yet, but even just the same Spotify Connect app that exists on the Fire TV would be a start, and since that's also just an Android app it really shouldn't take long to ensure it works on the Nexus Player too, right?


Though yes, I'd prefer a real app on both the Fire TV and the Android TV platforms, since Connect is nice but I'd like to actually be able to go through music with a remote rather than my phone sometimes.


Here's my app:


Unofficial Spotify TV app for Android TV.


Needs Premium account.


- Login in with username & password
- List your playlists (including starred), saved albums, artists and songs
- Stream any track of your library
- Search for artists, albums and songs
- Controls (Shuffle, Previous/Next Track, Play, Pause, Stop)


Join the Google+ community to give feedback and stay up to date with new releases and beta versions:


I did install your app but I am not able to play the songs.

Hi Frank, Where you able to login? Do you have a premium account?

Any update on this? Can we install Spotify on AndroidTV?


Hi sbkg0002,


You can install the app from the playstore link:


No word from Spotify on this? I thought Spotifys love affair with Apple was dead since they are doing their best to compete with Spotify now. Maybe it's time to start developing for other platforms? 😕


Chromecast and Android TV-support would be a good start.