Add support for Google ChromeCast

Will you be adding support to the ChromeCast that Google announced today? Would be great to be able to easily stream music from all my devices to my receiver and tv.


Please see the Api information here:


Update: implementing ChromeCast is superior to using the Chrome browser plugin to move a tab with the Spotify web interface to your TV for multiple reasons. Most importantly:

 - You can stream higher fidelity

 - You can stream from every device, not only from a computer/laptop

 - You can control from multiple devices (so if I leave the room my wife can control Spotify with her phone)


If implemented correctly this would match the functionality of Sonos for a much lower price.


Update February 4th 2014: Okay, so Google has released the SDK now. Please start working on the functionality or at the very minimum give an update to the status...


Update February 19th 2014: 2,000 kudos, hundreds of replies (with more than a handful of cancelations). Apparently Spotify Germany has confirmed Chromecast support is coming. An update would be nice


Update March 24th 2014: 2,500 kudos and still no update. Cancelled my subscription today. Sorry, but if you don't listen to your paying customers we will have to speak with our wallets.

Updated: 2015-10-22

In collaboration with Google, we’re thrilled to announce one of your most requested features here in The Spotify Idea Exchange is here. Spotify now works with your Chromecast.

With Chromecast, listening at home is easy. Simply plug in and cast music directly from your phone or tablet. Play, skip, browse and search using the Spotify app--all Spotify users will get the on demand experience on Chromecast. Oh, and feel free to make calls, watch a video or play games - the music will keep playing. Even if your battery runs out.


To learn more about how you can listen at home, head over to


Spotify on Chromecast from SpotifyCares on Vimeo.

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It's finally here! Thank you spotify!
Took some time but hey, it works now. 🙂

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While I use Spotify Connect, and I suspect that this decision was more about business than your loyal, paying customers, I'm ecstatic that you now play nicely (and effortlessly) w/Chromecast.  Better late than never.  🙂


Hi spotify.


Thanks for adding Chromecast functionality.  It's a fantastic feature, works brilliantly, and will mean that I'll use Spotify even more than ever.  Much appreciated.


Kind regards.




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Too late. And now that Google has announced YouTube Red, which is available in one bundle with Google Play Music, I'm not coming back anytime soon...


works for me on Sony Xperia Z3 Compact and Z2 Tablet.

Although, I have been able to 'send' either to chromecast or to NFC/Bluetooth devices for some time. But this is hardware dependent.

I hope that this stems the flow of defectors.

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Thanks again for looking into this Spotify!

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Now the first bugs: yesterday the music played well through the
chromecast(first gen) but at a moment of time images where not updated
anymore in the tv, while being updated on the iPhone. Weird.

Also, it does not work with the chrome Spotify web player.

Other apps like deezer , google play or plex for instance ensure a
full support between iOS-android-chrome apps



Those will be things that will come with time. And I had the same problem (your first one) but just disconnecting and reconnecting worked, its honestly not that big a concern for me.




27 months later...

That wasn't so hard now, was it?

Meanwhile, I got my hands on Google Music and it's great

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Hey, look at that: Spotify on Chromecast!