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Add video on casted TV device for podcasts casted via Chromecast/Roku etc.

Podcasts that currently have video available on your mobile or desktop device, lose the video feature once you cast it to a TV via Chromecast. This is a major surprise as this is a frequent way of watching video podcasts on TV. Please consider casting the video part of the podcast along with the audio on casted devices.


Updated on 2021-09-16

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on multiple big screen devices, such as Chromecast and Roku (Roku TVs with firmware 8.2/ Roku Set top Boxes with firmware 9.0).


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I think you guys are going to lose a lot of people that you were hoping to convert once JRE gets pulled from YouTube if this feature isn't added.  Most people aren't watching 3 hour podcasts on their phone screen, they're casting it to their TV.


Just so you know, all of us that ended up on this thread went way out of our way to come voice this concern.  You're making a big mistake if you're judging the implications of this problem by the amount of votes on this page.  You're going to lose millions of people that won't bother searching around for this page.


No video support on TV apps, firestick etc. and no airplay / chrome cast? Also no vpn video playback? You know who Joe Rogan is right? You do know who watches his show? I suggest you do your research and get your app updated ASAP, otherwise that $100 million won’t buy you what you wanted.


I still can't believe this isn't a big issue for spotify.  A feature listeners are accustomed to, is now unavailable.  If we can't watch Joe on the big screen, people are gonna pirate the show. 


Its an effort to get on here and voice this.  People arnt going to make the effort, they're just gonna stop watching. **bleep**en fix it for **bleep**s sake.



8 seconds ago
I have a Android TV with the Spotify app from the Google Play Store. When you use the official app and visit the JRE official channel, you are presented with 26 old episodes in total and none of them play. It's not just casting that's the problem. Also does not work using the official Spotify app for Linux, or in a browser using Linux.

I don't have a Reddit account but if anyone does they should post a link to the JRE sub.


I'm really surprised and disgusted by Spotify... They had all the time in the world to add video to smart TVs, and yet they could not care less about their users.

I don't know it it was a good idea for Rogan to move to Spotify.  


Please fix this. My tv is set up specifically so that I can watch Joe on my Chrome cast (which I have for years). It’s honestly the only reason I own a tv. 


Making the TV app on all smart TVs have video is the ticket. 


Please add support to AMAZON FIRESTICK to have video on the spotify app.

Such a downgrade to move from watching Joe Rogan on youtube on a smart tv app, while looking at something else on the phone, or to use android split screen mode with youtube on top and browser on the bottom. (spotify app in split screen just freezes the image when the other split screen is the active window).

Not to mention the loss of comments, half the fun of some JRE episodes is reading the comments....



It would be nice to be able to stream it on my TV with video and audio right now I can only get audio I would think this is a pretty big deal being that a lot of people used to seeing Joe Rogan on YouTube