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[All Platforms] Album Art for each Track in a playlist

View as Album List was a great feature. Based on comments I have seen on other forums, I am not the only one who thinks so. Please restore this feature.



1) Images are much easier to see than text. I have reached the age of reading glasses. Before this feature was removed, I could easily find songs / albums in playlists. Now I have to find my glasses beforehand!


2) Images are much more compelling and attractive than text. A picture tells a thousand words etc. The whole look and feel of Spotify is enhanced through the use of album images. Removing them seems like going against good user experience practice.


3) Nostalgia. Although I love Spotify and I firmly believe that subscription is the future of music, I still feel some nostalgia for "possessing" a collection of albums. Displaying album covers reinforces the feeling of having a collection of albums in a playlist.


Note that all three arguments apply equally to desktop and iPad versions of Spotify.


November 2013: Response to the comments from Spotify...

- There is no need for a cmd+G control. All playlists should always display the album cover.

- The Collections product was announced almost a year ago but there is no sign of it.

- A Collections product that simply displays the thousands of albums that I have ever listened to is not a viable solution in my opinion. I would need multiple collections (i.e.. playlists).



I have created a new idea requesting cover art on your music (and playlists). Please give it your kudos.


July 2015

I note that Apple Music displays album art on playlists on all platforms.


Apple Music.png

Updated on 2021-06-24

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this is now available on Android, iOS and Desktop. 


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.


I always forget the name of song but I remember album art. Please add this feature.


The request to see your liked songs and playlists with album art has been here for 8 years now.


Spotify doesn't care about making a good music streaming experience any more, they just want to make profits and take over podcasts. Time to switch to another platform.

Highly recommend YouTube Music. I made the switch and have really enjoyed
it. At first they were just okay, but now with Google sunsetting the Google
Play Music app and just focusing on YouTube Music it's looking really good

Dear Spotify, since years I am a happy premium subscriber of yours and would like to enjoy a more consistent user experience on all platforms (iphones, Google TV and PC). Album art beside of each track in the playlist helps me find the song in a long list much faster. Looking foward to seeing such an update on PC. Best regards!


It seems a little ridiculous - I've just switched from the free to premium version and there are no longer pictures of the album art next to the song. I didn't realise this before but I strongly associated my songs with the album art and now I struggle to find what I want.


I don't understand why functionality would be REMOVED for the payed for version.


Even the online player has artwork but not the downloaded app:


Why is there not an option to keep the album artwork for the downloaded version as it has clearly already been programmed???


WOULD LOVE to see this! The app is currently set up that way on IOS and it throws me off that its not like that on desktop. Slightly annoying and feels dated...


     I think that there should be an option to show album covers and have a size for them on a playlist. On the desktop app right now, I can't see album covers, but on the web player I can. I would like to see album covers, but I know some people wouldn't want to do that. I think Spotify should add an option which lets you turn album covers in a playlist to 'show' or to not show it. By moving the explicit label next to where the like song button is and making it an E like it is on the web player I think it would fit. I think the formatting in the web player is much better than the desktop version and Spotify should try and combine the best parts of both of them.


Would like to see the album art next to each song in my like songs list. It's like this on my phone/Ipad and I get used to scrolling to certain areas of my liked songs by looking at the album covers. As well as always get used to looking for the album cover (when you can't remember the name of a song but can picture the album art). Would be nice to have the options for it to be the same across all platforms! 


This has just started appearing on my desktop client. I hate it! Give me an option to turn it off


It's already available on the web browser client and given it uses CEF this should be a no-brainer to implement. Make it an option, of course.

@horseshaq can you show a screenshot of this appearing in your desktop playlist queue?