[All Platforms][Other] Do not make ads with car horns in them.

Seriously, this is a safety issue. 


I cannot tell you the times when I've been running on the sidewalk in town, or driving through an intersection and that ad plays. All of a sudden I think someone is honking at me, as if they are about to hit me, or I did something wrong, went through the intersection at the wrong time or someone got cut off, or I'm about to get hit by a car as I run through a  crosswalk. I take my foot off the gass pedal and almost slam down on my brake. I have to look around to make sure nothing is going to hit me, then I realize its the Spotify Premium Ad. 


Honesly, I equate it to yelling "Fire!" in a movie theater. 


Replace it with a different ad, I'm not saying play them less frequently for free users, I get it, we're borrowing a service that you should pay for, so by all means play an ad here and there. Just not one that jars you because you think something dangerous is happening around you. 


Change it to a boring boss talking in a meeting, then to a traffic noise (no car horns) or something like that. I just don't like an ad that freaks me out like a car accident is about to occur. 

Updated on 2017-10-24

Thanks to everyone that voted on this idea, I can confirm that we are not serving ads that contain car horn sounds.  We were previously, however they've since been paused. Our teams are working hard to ensure they are not a part of new audio assets moving forward. 


Your feedback here makes a direct difference at Spotify. Thanks again!

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Updated: 2015-10-06

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Agree!! It scared the hell out of me today when I was driving! 


I came here just to post this complaint. OK, the subscription is not too expensive, I get it, but seriously, you should fire all your marketing team. Advertises are annoying by nature, you don't have to add honking horns to it, dammit! What was your marketing team thinking when they did this?

I literally came here to say I wanted them to stop this. I was driving yesterday on the freeway going at least 65 m/h and this ad with horns came on. It nearly gave me a heart attack! Not cool Spotify.

I literally came on this site specifically to complain about this.
I heard this ad 3 times just on my commute to and from class today. The honking horns have scared me to DEATH each and every time they have played. My brother has grabbed the "Oh shi--" handle and braced for impact in the passenger seat. As already said, I'm not saying to lessen the amount of ads played while listening to Spotify Free, I understand why they are played and it's not a problem. (As a poor college student, I can't afford to add another bill to my pile at the moment, no matter how reasonable Spotify Premium is.) 
Personally, I don't know how much longer I can take the panic I get hearing this ad. I adore Spotify and (almost) everything about it, and I really don't want to have to find another way to listen to music. But my safety and the safety of others is forever more important than listening to my playlist in the car. 
Please fix this, Spotify. 😞 


I came on this site to complain about this too!! It is absoultely terrifying and I've heard MULTIPLE people say they almost got in a car accidnet because of it. Can someone please please take it down!! For everyones saftey....


I am totally agree with you, I have been wanted to compliant about this few months ago. I guess everyone else who have had experienced this would not think it's pleasant, and it's actually pretty annoy!!

When I first time heard it, I turned my head into different direction immediately while I was driving, I slowemy car suddenly. and it was really freak me out. I hate it so much until I realized it is the ads from the spotify!

Another day, my boyfriend was using it, and he got scared too. 


Please don't put horn in the ads in the music apps. because we dont just use tapes, CD or mp3 to listening the music while we driving, We use music apps too. hope people realized that.

I'm happy to listen to all spotify's adds over and over, but this one needs to stop! I get freaked out every time and slam on my breaks, followed by a brisk mute. I never even hear the add past the aweful horn sounds. I know subscribing would illuminate this issue, but it just makes me spiteful and stubborn, and leads me to not subscribe.

Agreed. This ad has caused me to panic while driving every time it comes on. I wouldn't be surprised if someone got into an accident because of it! So not well thought out. 


This as went away for awhile but is now back. Please remove, it is incredibly unsafe for drivers listening to music with your app. Thank you.