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As the title suggests, can you make a collaborative playlist private? I had one I made between one other person and I assumed we'd be the only ones with access to it, but I awkardly found out that everyone can see the playlist. Why is there no option to make it private between the collaborators?

Updated: 2016-12-07

Hi @12102227245 collaborative playlists are currently private. They won't show up in your Spotify Profile and they can't be marked as "Make Public". The only way other users can find the playlist is if you share the Spotify Playlist Link with them. Let us know if you've got any questions, thanks!


Why is this still not implemented?


Same for me.


Follow us here for further details about this bug.


Casual Listener

It is rather silly that you can not "Share" a collaboritive playlist with just one person. There is now only the option to Share with all followers??


All my private playlists that are collaborative playlist are public on my colaborators.
I supose in my opinion that they should be private on both sides.
Like.. having a 2 person playlist only for them on that both collab to make it better.
Not to other followers access to it.
Please help me on this issue.

Thank you.



This thread is marked as "implemented" but as Flavio says: playlists that are collaborative playlist are still public on side of the colaborators. Could it please be made possible to create private lists, "for our eyes only"?



Whats the point to make private if on the other side they are public.

it makes no sense.

or am I wrong?


If you want some privacy with your partner, you need her to be in the same room, but that room should not be public...


Hi there. I think I found a potential glitch with collaborative playlists.  If you go to the profile of the direct owner of the collaborative playlist, the playlist is hidden from their profile (not listed under public playlists). However, if I go to the profile of a user who is part of the collaborative playlist and follows the collaborative playlist, the playlist is listed under their public playlists and I can access the playlist from their profile without being invited or having the access link.

Thats exactly what said!!!
IMHO.. the purpose of a hidden/secret colab playlist is to be just for the owner and colaborator.

If not why make
It secret??

Spotify... correct this one.
Its really a wizzard aprentice coding issue here.
Make it right.

Thank you. Flavio

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