[All Platforms][Playlists] Making collaborative playlist private

As the title suggests, can you make a collaborative playlist private? I had one I made between one other person and I assumed we'd be the only ones with access to it, but I awkardly found out that everyone can see the playlist. Why is there no option to make it private between the collaborators?

Updated: 2016-12-07

Hi @12102227245 collaborative playlists are currently private. They won't show up in your Spotify Profile and they can't be marked as "Make Public". The only way other users can find the playlist is if you share the Spotify Playlist Link with them. Let us know if you've got any questions, thanks!


I posted this in another topic, so I hope it is OK to do it here again additionally.


So, I have a very creepy/annoying issue in this realm.


My friends and I have a large series of collaborative playlists that we have carefully curated and really, really love. There is a random user who is also an "artist" on Spotify. He is in no way a connected friend or an invitated colalborator, yet he continues to find our playlists and dumps his own catalog of songs into them. It's totally inappropriate and unsettling. He has even been called out on his social media about it yet continues to do it. His name is Stewart Harding and he is a doing his best to ruin all the work we've done to create fun, enjoyable playlists. All of this has to be against the terms of Spotify and is a pathetic attempt to get more spins and exposure for his truly awful music.


This is him: