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[All Platforms] Sleep Timer

I am a new user to Spotify from NZ and the first thing I miss having moved from iphone's built in music player is the sleep timer. I understand this feature stopped working in one of the recent versions of spotify App. If it is a compatibility issue partly related to iOS 5, may I suggest that you build a sleep timer into the App itself


Also, as suggest by one other Spotify user, Nyx, it would be even better if you could include an alarm featuer so we can all wake up to our favourite playlists within Spotify.


Thanks again for all the great work you guys are doing and we really hope you would consider this new idea.





Update: The issue with sleep timer seems to be working in iOS 8. 



Updated on 2020-05-13


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange and adding your votes to this idea.
We can confirm this is available on both iOS & Android!

You can check out this idea, if you'd like to vote for a sleep timer on desktop too.


I Sleep to music and i wake up to music. So it would be an awsome thing to be able to do this with Spotify

I signed in to suggest this..I'll just second this instead!!
Would be an excellent thing to have on your mobile device!

Actually, when you set a sleep timer in iPhone's clock app, Spotify fades out, stops for a second, but then starts playing again. I guess at least the sleep timer part of your request is an annoying bug that'd be easily fixed on the iPhone.


Can a sleep timer be added to the spotify application on OS X and windows? Am I missing something, is it already available??


There is a thread about Sleep Timers for iPhone, but I'd suggest to make a Sleep TImer for every app.

iPhone / iPad / Windows / Mac. It would be great to set sleep timer and possibly alarm clock ability to the Spotify app, so it would play songs for a while when going to sleep and then wake you up in the morning with cool tunes.




I agree. I would be at work and not even listen to Spotify for hours, but when I put my earphones back on, it's still playing. As a web developer, I think of how hard this must be on bandwidth usage for Spotify servers. I think this should be implemented.

It sounds great to me!! Please consider it!!  Smiley Wink



Hey, Nyx here! Just wanted to throw in with SurejNZ my support for this idea. I know I was mentioned, but it'd probably hold more weight if I actually said something, huh? LOL


Yes, I would love, love, LOVE the features of a sleep timer and alarm in the Spotify app.

You need to do something because most people with iPhones can't listen in bed as the sleep timer doesnt work now! This is a great solution to the problem.