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[All Platforms] Synced History across all Devices

Create a "unified play history" that consolidates history from phone, tablet, laptop, etc., so that you have a real history of your listening on Spotify.


This was previously suggested and did not receive enough "kudos" and was recently made an "inactive idea". But I'm surprised it isn't already a standard feature. 

Updated on 2021-07-28

Hey folks,


Thanks for your feedback and suggestions on this one!


You'll be happy to know that the icon_recently_played.png Recently played destination on mobile now reflects your listening history across all devices. There's more info here.


Right now, it’s available only on Android and iOS, but we’ll check back here with an update, should this change in the future.


Happy listening 🎶


Definitely needs to be done.


I can't believe this isn't already in place. We shouldn't have to request this - its a bug that you guys need to squash. One account = one play history


Great, great idea! Whenever I look up what I played, I dont necessarily remember if it was on my iPad, my Android phone or one of my two computers. Solution? Internet connections exist for a reason: to sink what I played. Please make sense here, dear Spotify 🙂 


Should have been done long ago, especially since it is one of the key features that makes interesting and they have been providing the option for ages. Besides, if Spotify can give me the stats for my listening behaviour in 2016 in a recent e-mail message, why not offer the stats online continually, for all to see?


I don't want to scrobble tracks to only to see my stats there. I want them in Spotify, too.


All the efforts concentrated on new ideas, while the very basic stuff was never finished, typical. Like the social profile, another unfinished project. Get things done, Spotify!!


It makes me sad that this hasn't happened yet. This is feature that creates awesome feedback for the user and doesn't make the consumer rely on some third party scrobble hack. The combined play history must already be available as shown by the algorythmically created playslists, just let us consumers see that data too. I use family premium because of the quality of spotify, but I believe this is a feature that must be added.


I think it's something that cannot be missing. I recently lost track of a great music and I can't find it anywhere... if I had an history tho...

ob a great idea to would be a statistical view of all your listenings (most listened song, most listened artist... etc)


It's annoying not being able to find what I recently played on another device. Please add this functionality.


What's going on here, Spotify? This seems *SO* obvious, but we are lingering for years... Please assign someone the one day task of implementing this idea.