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[All Platforms][Your Library] Increase maximum Songs allowed in Your Music

I feel like the maximum amount of songs allowed in one playlist, and subsequently in "Songs" playlist under the new "Collections" feature, should be more than 10,000.


Quite frankly it should be unlimited. 


We are paying for a service but limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


I recently started saving all of my albums into "Collections" and got stuck at about 1/4 of the way through - 10,000 songs has been reached and I am no longer able to save any more albums.




Updated on 2020-05-26


Thanks for coming to the Idea Exchange.

We're excited to be marking this idea as implemented!
We've now removed the limit on saved items in Your Library, making it possible to save songs, and albums on Spotify to your heart's content.

As the app has changed quite a bit since this idea was submitted, please be aware that some functionality is now different. This change does not impact the limit on the number of songs in a playlist other than your Liked Songs.

For more info, check out this blog post.



Is any official member of the Spotify team planning on replying to some of these issues and questions. Like so many before, I'll say it again. Dumb. I recently got spotify because I'm an avid listener, or audiophile or whatever you'd like to call it, and want to use it to find new music, add to library and have easy access. I have close to 4000 albums on CD or LP alone. An average of lets say 10 songs per album I would need a limit of 40,000 tracks, just to have easy access to the albums I already own, nevermind the new things I would like to find. I'm dumbfounded to think that a member of the development team actually piped up in a meeting and said "yeah, 10,000 tracks should be enough" and everyone else in the same meeting said "yeah yeah, sure, that sounds like a good MAXIMUM".


Please fix this!!!


Would also just like to add: This shouldn't be treated as a "new idea - nice to have", for many users this really is a deal breaker.


Yeah, just hit the limit myself. Trying to figure out why Spotify won't save albums when I press the save button and I find this out.


I'll take my money elsewhere. What a joke. Paying to be limited arbitrarily? I OWN more than 10,000 songs and that's just the stuff I've collected on CDs and then transferred to HDs through my life.


It's too bad, because I like nearly everything else about Spotify, but I simply listen to too much music for Spotify apparently.


Spotify, I hope you change this soon because I'd love to be able to use your product again and would have love to continue sending you 10$ a month for a system that catered to serious music lovers and not just the casual user.


If anyone with decision making power is reading this, I can explicity tell you that this single limitation is the sole reason for me not paying to be a premium member. This limitation literally prevents me, 100%, from using Spotify for what I thought was its main purpose: To discover and customize a diverse collection of my favorite music.


I do not feel I am a fringe user, or a power user, or an audiophile, I am simply someone who wants to use Spotify to listen to records from different musicians I like or think I would like. The "Your Music" section is crucial for doing so, so I can keep a running collection, to add to any time I want to, of albums I want to listen to.


I consider the Your Music section a "bookmark" of my favorite albums, since I hope we can agree that I should not have to just search (from scratch) for an artist when I feel like listening to them, and listen to an album without adding it to "Your Music". The whole point of Your Music is to add albums when I am thinking of some musicians to add, and then when I want to, I can lean back and sample/enjoy my personally curated list of musicians/albums at my leisure.


With the 10,000 song limit, I ran into the limit literally within 10 minutes of signing up for my premium trial and adding albums from some of my favorite musicians. I counted, and the limit was hit when adding albums from only 40 different artists, a tiny sub-section of artists I had hoped to add. I had not even scracthed the surface of artists I had intended to add from the genres of rock, pop, jazz, and singer-songrwiter. With all of the special edition/multi-disc albums you offer, an indivudal album can have a LOT of tracks and you hit the limit very quickly.


Again, I do not consider this a fringe case or an outlier sitiuation. I am just a normal casual music listener who signed up for the premium trial, and then started making a collection of albums I either know I like or would like to try out. I found out almost immediately that Spotify does not allow me to do that. It is amazing to me that this was ever allowed to occur, and it is even more amazing to me that this was not corrected in an emergency update, within days of the first time that users explained to you why this is a show-stopper limitation.


What was even worse is that when I DID hit the limit, no dialog box appeared to explain to me why the add function was no longer working, so I thought I had run into a bug in the software, and had to search your support forums just to figure out what was going on. Why would you have such disrespect for your users, that if they run into a non-expected behavior, you would not at least have the program explain what it was doing to them? Your programmers knew about the 10,000 song limit, but why would they ever assume any normal user would ever know why things stopped working?


There are also some other extremely basic limitations that prevent me from perusing the "Your Music" section effectively, although those I would be willing to forgive and still pay for premium:


-Does not allow an option to sort the albums by release date (even though it does do this on the artist's page) making it impossible to look at an artists discography over time. It only sorts alphabetically, which is useless. When I add albums from a band I am not familiar with, I have absolutely no idea which ones are their early work, later work, etc. There needs to be some context with years and a progression in time. Your artist page shows that, but then it all goes away when we add the albums to Your Music. Why?


-Does not display release date year next to album title (even though again, it does so on the artist page)


-Does not display album cover art in the artists section, just a huge text based list of songs. This means that when I first look up an artist (as opposed to album view), there is no easy way to see the albums from that artist, just a huge non graphical list. This is not a plesant way to browse through music and pick an album to listen to. You need to add a preference that when we select an artist, the page switches to album civer view of just that artist's albums and not a huge list that could have hundreds or even thousands of entries.


As mentioned above, these other limitations are things I would be willing to live with and still pay for premium, but NOT the 10,000 song limitation. If I can't even make a personal collection of albums that I want to enjoy with your service, what's the point of your service in the first place?


How do you feel I am "supposed" to be using Spotify, and why do you feel my desired way of doing things is "the wrong way"?


When the new Spotify lay-out came out, I was really happy about the new Collection/My Music feature.

I try'd adding all my music into it but came no futher then not even the half of my music collection.

I though it was a bug at first, but after looking at the forums I found out I wasn't the only one who got this "bug".


After that I waited patiently for the 10.000 songs limit to be removed as I expected it would be with many users asking it to be removed.

Now after a while checking back on it, hoping I would finally been able to add ALL of my music to Your Music, I see no change has been made, not even a anwser from someone from Spotify about the 10.000 song limit.


What is the point of a collection based library if you can only add 10.000 songs?

Please, fix this.


Completely agree with everything above. A no limit on "Your Music" or library is the basic minimum I'd expect. 


Google Music does it, Rdio does it. Why are you preventing users from building up a music library? Until this limit is removed, I'm not sure I can continue to be a premium member. It literally is an essential requirement. 

Stars and playlists are no subsitute for those of us who like to have a large library of music - In fact they serve different purposes all together. 


I was a very satisfied MOG subscriber, when Beats purchased MOG they destroyed the functionality of the app. Unsubscribed from Beats without realizing Spotify's off line song limits. At least with Beats they have a 15,000 song limit. If Apple is able to straighten out the Beats app. I am outa hear.






I dragged and dropped my whole offline collection (> 50.000 tracks) to spotify my music and found out that there's a 10.000 item limit. Not even can I add all music I already own but also can't add any more albums etc to my music. I'm coming from Google Music All Access which didn't have this limit. 


I totally feel the same as gorrn:


I've been using spotify for just about three weeks now, and today I've already reached the limit. I don't even have all my music in there yet. This sucks. And getting no error message at all sucks double.


We are paying for a service but  are limited on how many songs we are able to save? That is absurd to me.


Quite frankly there should be no limit! 


please get rid of this annoying limitation. i'm a long time premium user and recently hit the 10000 mark. for me this is a reason to stop my premium membership.


Would also like to register my interest on this issue!


Essay ahead! TL;DR version: Having 'Your Music' saves us from performing a search and sifting through the results every time we want to listen to an artist, as well as allowing us to remember the name of somebody new we have just discovered. While a 10,000 song limit on an individual playlist will be a problem for a very small number of users, a 10,000 song limit across an entire music collection is not a difficult thing to reach. Myself and many others would surely welcome some clarification from Spotify on the reasons for this, and of any plans to help us out here! Thanks 🙂


As I understand it, originally the 10,000 song limit in playlists was fairly inconsequential, as it is indeed a rarity that one would have a single playlist that is 10,000 songs. Spotify representatives have been noted as confirming that upping the limit would only make a difference to a very small number of users with such huge playlists. This I believe is reasonably fair.


The very real problem however is that Spotify has since updated to allow us to form a 'collection' of music by saving whole albums and building a library rather than having loads of playlists. From my end it would appear that 'Your Music' is being treated simply as a single long playlist, albeit one with rather more advanced sorting options that mask this fact. I understand how this would be easier from a coding perspective, but of course treating everything in a users collection as a single playlist is going to cause people to hit the cap - we are not adding music to something we necessarily know is being treated as a single playlist.


Many people using Spotify might be trying to recreate an extensive offline personal music collection that they have had on their computer and added to over years. I know if I was to try to add everything on my own PC I would hit the cap very quickly! This would leave no room for discovering new music.


I see this cap as an unnecessary restriction. Adding to 'Your Music' is a way to bookmark artists who we listen to frequently, favourite artists and also newly discovered artists we wish to listen to at a later date. This should be a good idea as it means we don't have to search for the artist every time we want to listen to them, it makes our lives easier. In the case of a newly discovered artist we might even forget their name without the ability to bookmark them in 'Your Music'. While we are not restricted in who we can listen to with this cap, we are being deprived of an ability to neatly catalog music to save us searching every time and sifting through the results. Also, with a limit on our library we are not free to scroll through to see at a glance what we might fancy listening to that day!


Surely the data required to store what items a single user has in their library is miniscule? It's not the files themselves after all, just data that points to the actual songs on Spotify's servers.
I really hope that Spotify takes this reasoning to heart, as there is no logical reason to impose this restriction.


I know that in the past the users of Spotify have occasionally clashed with the developers over certain aspects of the service, but it really does seem that with every update there is strong evidence to suggest that the users are being listened to. It is constantly improving and within the last few months the Android app especially has come a long, long way and is becoming a pleasure to use. I know myself and others would love to drown in the varied and expansive world of music that we enjoy, and would welcome some clarification on why there is still a limit on 'Your Music'.