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Student Discount in Australia

I propose the student discount available in USA to be available in Australia. It is very much needed.

Who's with me?
Status changed to: Up for Votes

+1 And the easiest way to implement it would be through school/university email addresses.


1. Student expresses interest in Student Discount

2. Student specifies school/uni email address

3. Spotify sends verification link to said email address

4. Student confirms link

5. Student billed at $5.99AUD rather than $11.99AUD


To stop students who complete their education maintaining the discount, just use an annual "confirm your situation" email.


This is the exact same setup as Microsoft DreamSpark and other student-only systems run, and I'm sure I speak for all students when I say that saving $72AUD/year is always welcome.


I hope this is setup soon, Cheers.


FYI: All Australian Education Organisations use the * domain. (See )



Let's look for a worldwide students discount, not only Australia 🙂

Give a kudo to this:





Yeah, student discount for Australian students, please!!!


I agree. I'm sick of all the good stuff never being available in Australia.


So many places offer student dioscounts in Aus, why not Spotify 🙂

To name a few;


- Most software dev tools companies

- My dentist 

- The indoor rock climbing places in Sydney!


The list goes on...


Yes student discount is very much needed here

this is so unfair ! whats the explanation for student discounts in USA but not in AUS ? or anywhere else ?? why should students there pay half the price for the same service than all the other students in other countries ? why doesnt the music artists and contributors say anything about this unequality ? music should costs the same everywhere ! isnt that how its supposed to be ? 


I'd like to prod this along too. I've recently seen ads around my university campus advertising, and yet there's no student discount for us in Australia.