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[Android] Android Widget

Having a home screen widget for Android would be really nice. All other media players have one on Android so it'd be great to see that in Spotify too. It'd make things so much easier to just be able control to Spotify from your home screen instead of swiping down for the notification bar or opening the app. It's really simple functionality so please can you add it.

Updated on 2019-09-09

Hey folks, 


Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.


We’re excited to let you know the Android Widget is back. To get listening, make sure you’re on the latest version of the app and Spotify will show in the widget menu on your device. The widget is now resizable too and some stability issues have been fixed. 




We appreciate your passion for this feature and want to thank you all for your feedback!


Not only they removed the widget for this version, also they removed the off line funtion on the mosaics for Android, it was very useful for those of us who had limited amount of GB on our celular service, specially when driving. But removing the widget, simply **bleep** me enough!!!! 😠


They should know their audience. Android users are not the same demographic as IOS users, we want to be able to customise.  


Agreed, the widget is hugely useful and was the primary way I used Spotify on my phone. 

It doesn't help that there are no release notes in the play store, or that the support email results in patronising responses that boil down to "use the main player" and "go search for information elsewhere".

It's clear that Spotify is giving up any pretence of caring about the user experience, focusing only on internal efficiency and cost cutting.


I agree completely. Spotify seems so out of touch with what their customers actually want and are obviously living in their own bubble to not think that the widget is a good idea. BRING BACK THE **bleep**ING WIDGET!!!


Can't believe they removed this feature. Bring back the widget or I am out. I have no loyalty to Spotify, especially when they continue to make moves that demonstrate they are either deaf to customer's wishes or simply don't care.


I just cancelled my paid subscription, unfortunately it's not prorated, it's like I bought a new car and the manufacturer drove it through a wall and still expected me to make payments.


This is ridiculous! That was one of the reasons I loved having Spotify. It made accessing my music so simple. If you are going to take it away at least give an option to add it back. There was nothing in the update notes about this either.


I believe I may just stopy service now due to the cancellation of the widget. Now I have to unlock my phone and pull down menu or open the app which is just as task intense. When someone is running or working out these gestures are hard to do and when another service provider has this why would I not want to change services.


Wow you guys hugely underestimate the usefulness of a widget on Android. I am a premium user and I am seriously considering opting-out just because of this change.


This is absolutely's my main way of controlling Spotify. Bring it back!


Definitely turning of automatic updates.