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[Android] Bring back swipe down to search / filter

I really like the addition of being able to sort Liked Songs by Artist and Album, thank you for that.


However, with that, it's been made unnecessarily more difficult to search for specific songs in Liked Songs by requiring you to push the top right 3 dots and then "Find in Liked Songs".


Please bring back being able to simply swipe down, get the search bar, and type in the song details.

Updated on 2022-07-12

Hi folks,


Thanks for sharing your feedback about this idea in the Community.


We’re excited to let you know that this feature is back! You can access it by simply swiping down on the currently opened playlist - a search bar and a Sort button will appear, allowing you to sort and filter tracks with ease.


Once again thanks for making Spotify better!


It would appear that the newest update to mobile versions of Spotify have moved the Search/Filter options for playlist into a small context menu which is a few clicks and a scroll away.


I don't see the need for this - I (and I'm sure many others) use the search funtion and the sort functions all the time on mobile devices. So the fact that they have been moved elsewhere is really inconvenient - there was no need to do this.


Do other people agree that the search and sort functions need to be moved back to the playlist main screen?


I completely agree 🙂


You not the only one there, one vote for you


I fully agree. I started using spotify around 2009/2010 and have never once thought about swapping method for listening to spotify until now. I have playlist with over 2000 songs and when I want to find a song I want it to be quick and easy. Currently there is a lot of hassel rather than just scrolling to the top and then either sort or search like it used to. Now if I want to search I have to go to the top, press the 3 dots, scroll down, press find song. And if I want to sort in a specific way I have to do the same thing but sometimes I have to go into the menue and filter twice because the songs are sorted revered than I wanted (which is fine but just a hassel when I have to open the menu and go scroll down to find the option twice). 


Usually you want to add QOL features, not remove them by hiding them under submenues.


This was a feature I used everyday and now it's buried in a useless menu.  In addition to posting and voting here, everyone may consider giving an appropriate rating in the app store to voice your displeasure.  I did it while I was uninstalling this now nerfed app.  For shame developers, remember, it's subscribers that make your job possible, stop making our lives miserable and forcing us to seek out alternatives that have the features we want.  Whatcha plan on doing with all that real estate you've freed up at the top of the playlist menu? **bleep**.


yeah this is incredibly **bleep**ing annoyingcompletely unneeded change


I was dumbfounded when I couldn't find the sort button in its usual top right corner.

I would be extremely happy if Spotify included Sort by Playcount. I do have days where all I wanna do is listen to music I've enjoyed in the past and will enjoy again without having to remember the name.


The sort button needs to go back to its place.

Status changed to: Up for Votes

Updated on 2018-12-06

Marked as new idea.


I agree 100%


They have no reason to move one of (if not the) most used functions into a submenu.

I can't imagine anyone actually asked for this.


There's no use for this. Get this back ASAP.