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[Android][Playlists] Re-enable queue on now-playing screen

  • In the newest update you put the share button in place of the usual queue button. Now whenever I want to rearrange songs in my queue or want to check what comes up next I have to press the three dots up right and then click on queue...
  • Who would prefer a share button over a queue button?
  • Please undo this.
  • Queue NEEDS to be right on the now-playing screen
  • Thank you!
  • Edit: Problem solved ~28.07.2020

Updated on 2020-07-31

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing your votes and feedback on this.


This was part of a test which has now ended, so we're going to mark this idea as Implemented.


We'll make sure to post any future updates about the test in this thread.




Nobody shares songs that often enough for it to warrant replacing the queue list!!!!


Yes! The same thing happened to me yesterday! I really want the queue icon back, I use it so much more then the share. Maybe even have both icons at the bottom of the screen? Wasn't that what it was like before?


I just got this too. It's damn annoying considering the primary purpose of music is to listen and consume. I frequently use this button to order my queue and now it's just that more difficult to get to the queue. And having tall phones makes it hard enough to reach the 3 dots menu to select the queue. Also when I say I frequently use I mean 1000x more than sharing. I think I share music max once a week if that.


It's so ridiculous that a major function of a music app has been hidden away. They tried this last year and it got reverted, so here's hoping they revert it again.


Leave queue in now playing view and put share in the three dot menu. NO ONE is using share more than queue. Honestly, wth.


Devs, please realize that you are making this app on mobiles way less intuitive.

Let's be honest here, people will not cancel their subscriptions because of this specific reason, i know i won't. But why, just why would you fix a problem that doesn't exist? The position of the queue is a non-issue so why move it only to make it an issue?

And if you want more people to share songs, why don't you just put the share button NEXT to the queue. 

Do you even test this changes before approving them? 


I use Android aswell and shuffling/unshuffling the queue until I got a nice string of songs for my mood is pretty much the only way I use Spotify. I already dislike the absence of a "currently playing" tab, now this change makes the app pretty much unusable for me. 


An absolutely ridiculous change. Who thought it would be a good idea to make it more inconvenient to choose and change the music I want?

Fine, keep the useless share button on there somewhere, if it makes you feel better.



Edit: Hurray Hurray, it's a wonderful day! My queue button has returned!


This is such a pointless and stupid change. Loading up the menu to change songs now takes a few seconds rather than being instant. Change it back ASAP


Seriously! I honestly don't think I've ever shared anything on spotify. Who okayed this? It's ridiculous. Yet another thing to add to the list of dumb decisions made by spotify.


In a recent update the button to view your queued songs has been replaced by a 'Share' button.

I don;t think I have ever shared aSpotify song, but I view my queue every single time that I use the app. Having to now click at the top of the screen, to open a  menu, to view my queue is frusrating and less user-friendly/ergonomic.. it's added steps to a previously simple process.