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[Android][Playlists] Re-enable queue on now-playing screen

  • In the newest update you put the share button in place of the usual queue button. Now whenever I want to rearrange songs in my queue or want to check what comes up next I have to press the three dots up right and then click on queue...
  • Who would prefer a share button over a queue button?
  • Please undo this.
  • Queue NEEDS to be right on the now-playing screen
  • Thank you!
  • Edit: Problem solved ~28.07.2020

Updated on 2020-07-31

Hey folks,


Thanks for providing your votes and feedback on this.


This was part of a test which has now ended, so we're going to mark this idea as Implemented.


We'll make sure to post any future updates about the test in this thread.




I have never used the Spotify community board but I found myself motivated by the ridiculous decision to remove the queue button from the now-playing-screen.


Please find another location for your share function. If your data shows the Share function is not used as often as you would like that's because there is no need to share a Spotify link. How would someone know if the receiver has Spotify? You could more confidently send them a Youtube link because everyone has access to it. 


Please revert this change; it does not make sense from a user standpoint. 


Edit: Adding more to my Comment


I noticed the queue button is gone altogether, depending on 'Radio'/'Song Radio' vs Playlists.


If you are listening to a playlist then selecting the 3 dots in the corner will bring up the queue button.


However, they have removed the queue feature altogether for the 'Song Radio' and 'Radio' listening options. If you want to see what song(s) are next you will need to:

  1. Open the now-playing-screen
  2. Open the 'Radio'/'Song Radio' you are listening to by clicking the name of your Radio station at the top
  3. Scroll down to the song currently playing
  4. Then look at the order

Stupid... just stupid.

Queue button Playlist vs Song Radio .png


I hate this change!

I just installed an APK from June and I will not update Spotify in the next time!


I was hoping this would come back with the new update from 8. July, but no. Please bring this back! 

Way more often do I go to queue and rearrange the songs than i share a song. 


That's how it is on my device and would go nuts if I couldn't view the queue constantly. But like why not also have PLAY HISTORY a part of that too? Like scroll up on queue to see what you just listened too? 


I mean there would be enough space to keep the share button in the center while adding back the queue button. What annoys me even more is that in order to access the queue now you have to wait a random time (depending on your internet connection) until the queue button appears. If you tab there before, the menu just disappears. You can't reach the queue in a quick gesture anymore, you always have to wait. (I'm currently taking a course in HCI where we see many similar examples and learn why this is bad design ... so. Idk please add the button back, or give us some options to custimize the UI or something.)


I am so annoyed by this change. I just spent so much time reinstalling the app trying to figure it out. Bring back the queue button for crying out loud! 


Just writing this comment so it gets more traffic. I really dislike this change and I don't understand why anybody in his right mind would do that. Ok maybe the people share more with the button right there, and Spotify gains more exposure and maybe new subscribers. But I think that's simply wrong. I share songs quite often with friends, but not as often as I want to change my now playing playlist. And I've definitely not shared more songs since this change. So it's like shooting in the knee. 


New Idea? Are you serious right now? You took away a useful feature and now its a new idea? Ffs spotify its like you live to give android users a back experience. Not to mention they are probably more customers from Android than they are ios due to the presence of Apple Music. YouTube Music is getting better and better watch is steal your clients 


I got the button back you guys, I guess whatever experiment they were running wasn't successful or they took notice of this post. I can't tell you how happy I was to see it back 😁 


looks like the button is now back!