[Android] Rearrange Tracks inside a Playlist

On my iPod I can manually move my songs around that are in my playlist, but I can't do the same on my phone which is what I mostly use. It would be easier to have that option on all devices.

Updated on 2018-07-11


The Spotify Community team here.

We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Android users.
We'd recommend double-checking that you're running the latest version of Spotify.
Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community.

I could do this on my I-phone , now i have a Samsung S5 and can't change the order of a playlist other than with pre-sets which are of no interest to me .... why ?  what is the massive problem with this ?  As others has said , used primarily on a mobile


.... i'm on a beach , chilling out , listening to a playlist ..... i think i'll change the order of this .... NOPE !  .... go back to room fire up huge laptop ( i may not even have one) change playlist oreder and go back to beach ..... i think i'll change the order of this ..... NOPE ! ... rinse and repeat .... take laptop to beach in desperation ... get mugged .... go back to room .... contact insurance company.

Spotify, this is kinda getting embarrassing now. Just please add this BASIC feature. It's almost as bad as not having a skip forward button. Shouldn't be waiting years just to re order songs and playlists. Never use desktop version, please just sort this once and for all.

Great comment. I used to be on Sony's fairly mediocre Music Unlimited, however even it got the basics right such as enabling the user to edit their players. Shame it got so much wrong towards the latter stages.



*playlist (sp)


This idea is over 1 year old. Is this ever going to happen? I can do it on my iPhone but not my Galaxy tablet. What gives? 


ANY music player on the android market has this option, why is taking so long to be implemented?. Just add some small dot on the left side to be able to drag the song up or down and that's it.


It's obviously a strategic move by Spotify, not sure of exact reason though. It's such an obvious basic feature so they've made a very conscious choice not to offer it on mobile. Perhaps it forces users to install Spotify on their desktop pc, when otherwise they may install it on mobile only..? As a Premium user, I do find this infuriating. (Also hate having to hit the 'Private Session' switch every time I start the app!)

Agree that not being able to rearrange tracks in a playlist is a dealbreaker.  Reading this thread it sounds like you can do it on the webplayer, but for the life of me I can't work it out.  I use Spotify Premium on desktop, android mobile and ipad.  Can you reorder tracks on any of them without starting afresh? If so, please can someone explain.


In the mean time Spotify, just sort it out.


Is premium worth it without this? I have been subscribed to premium for nearly 6 months now, and this is my number 1 gripe with spotify.


Sort it out guys. I understand the feature not being available to non-premium users due to the mandatory shuffle mode, but being unavailable to premium users is just pathetic. Even old (read ancient) music players like Winamp had this built in. 


I do NOT want to use the desktop application each time i want to re-order my playlist.


EDIT: This is available for the IPhone. We pay for your premium on Android as well, Spotify, just so you know. 


An absolute basic requirement. Spotify is the only player I've ever used that doesn't allow manual playlist reordering/rearrage/sequence.