[Android] Rearrange Tracks inside a Playlist

On my iPod I can manually move my songs around that are in my playlist, but I can't do the same on my phone which is what I mostly use. It would be easier to have that option on all devices.

Updated on 2018-07-11


The Spotify Community team here.

We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Android users.
We'd recommend double-checking that you're running the latest version of Spotify.
Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community.
You are using an API provided by Spotify and others to manage playlists,
where we can complain to? It is clear that you don't PLAY music so you are
not impersonating Spotify. Can you share the email from Google? (send it
privately if you want)

You can also distribute the APK although you can't earn money out of it,
but you didn't that for 1/3 of $ 1,1 for each registered user right? 🙂
All this could be avoided if Spotify devs did his part... Unbelievable!

I'm learning Android since you started the app (studying/practicing a few
hours everyday) , also registered as developer on Google Play so
eventually, when I found how to log in and retrieve, list/edit playlists,
I will publish an app with similar functionality. So far made really simple
apps with one Activity but hey, 10 days ago I didn't knew what a View was 🙂

@Borowscy Change the package name and upload it again, none of us will miss the dollar spent. I know you didn't do it for the money, besides how many people registered? 10? 🙂


I agree with other suggestions given here and the ones given by Google repack it under a new name and advertise it as a Playlist manager, do not mention Sp at all after all "a word to the wise is enough".


Lets be positive, after all this is a chance to properly name the app 🙂 Dont worry, most of us will pay again, you deserve it!





@Borowscy Found a DJ app that mixes songs straight from Spotify, if that is not impersonating Spotify then I don't know what it is. I tell you this because if you are banned for that reason then how they explain this app isn't? 


Your app don't play songs, this one plays and mixes songs!



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@grbsoft That app has 35k downloads. Obviously it won't be removed since google makes money off it. It's always about the money.


I really don't have any motivation to reupload the app. It just feels pointless. I tried to help some people and those that downloaded it have the the app now. If google doesn't want me to distribute it on their platform I won't. 




Please consider uploading your source code to a GitHub account, including a build of the latest version. That way anyone who wants to sideload it can still do it, and anyone with the chops who wants to continue to improve the app can do so, and who knows, maybe someone else will figure out how to get a version into the Play Store for good! You can choose an open source licence that prohibits any derivative works from profiting from your code through ads, etc.


@Borowscy@aramandoI wll be more than happy with the GitHub idea 🙂 Although still learning how to make Android apps I've paid the license fee for Google Play. Also I find out that I can't charge any money for any app because my country is not elegible for merchant account, so I can only make free apps. I don't have any problem to continue your work since it looks like Spotify will never fix this 🙂


Think about it, and if you don't agree we totally understand, its your code and its not easy to came up with. Eventually I will get the knowledge to make a similar app that connects to Spotify using the API, get the playlists list, be able to reorder the songs and save the changed playlist, by that time I will try it out on Google Play too maybe with same luck as you 🙂


This is endlessly frustrating. 

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Double post.

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Still not implemented. I have cancelled my subscription until this is sorted. I encourage others to do the same. This is probably the only way to force them add this basic feature that should have been here since day one. Certainly considering this is subscription software that isn't particularly cheap.


You can always use YouTube in the meantime. Granted, that doesn't have playlist reordering either, but at least it's free.





Youtube does have playlist reordering. At least on the website.