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Add Browse menu to SONOS

It would be great to access all Spotify's music more easily through SONOS app.  I want to access the browse menu to select categories of music such as "moods", "top lists", "work out", etc and play them through my SONOS speakers.  Right now all I can figure to do is open spotify app, follow one of the playlitsts under these menus, then go back into SONOS app, and play as a playlist.  This is not very fun when you just want to sit around and discover music and would like to use the great SONOS speakers instead of my phone or laptop speakers.  A lot of people have mentioned allowing Radio functionality on SONOS as well.  That would be bonus! Please get with SONOS and make some magic happen!

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to a announce that per your request Browse features are coming to Sonos. You've got an ever-changing sampling of playlists to make sure you have the perfect music for any moment, day or night. Based on your time zone and updated around the clock. 


I want to be able to play Spotify  on my sonos speakers  WITHOUT having to go through the Sonos app. Spotify and Deezer have much better menu than tthe limited Sonos.


Had I known that Sonos limits  that you can only stream premium , I would not have bought the speakers. There are many options available  out there without these restrictions.


At present I am trying ther Deezer .99 cent deal trial for 3 months. Same problem.

 I would subscribe to  Spotify  instead  provided they can offer me  this option.

 Before you buy Sonos be aware of this limitation.