Spotify Connect For Desktop App

To add the Spotify Connect feature to the desktop application, so it's possible to remote control desktop Spotify from a phone.



[Mod edit - clarified idea and removed second idea in post. If you'd like DLNA support in Spotify, please head here.]



 Hi guys,


I think the next update will have connect feature.

Meanwhile you can download the beta version here:



You can find in the web MAC-VERSION.


Thank you all.
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We are thrilled to say this very popular idea is now implemented!

We’ve just released a great new Premium feature, which lets you play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote. You can read more about Connect for computers here or check out the video below:



Gig Goer

Love the feature...  now how do I unlink them?  I want the playlist and queue on the desktop to be only on the desktop, and the playlist and queue on the phone to be only on the phone.  When I hit play on the desktop, I expect the desktop client to play.  When I hit play on my phone, I expect my phone to play.  When I want one device to control the other, I will specifiy explicitly.

Sounds good to me.
Concert Regular

A recent update seems to have made this feature based off of your wi-fi connection rather than your account.  This is a problem because I don't use wi-fi.  I really love this feature, and would love to be able to use it again.