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[Playlists] Merge / Add a Playlist to another Playlist

It would be great to combine playlists together. With the option to avoid multiples of the same track(s) along with a prompt to confirm the addition of one playlist to another. 

Updated on 2023-05-04

Hey folks,


Thanks for coming to the Spotify Idea Exchange and voting to make this happen.


We're happy to announce that this feature is now available on Android, iOS and Desktop.


You just need to select the playlist, then choose the option  "Add to other playlist" > and add it to the desired playlist.


Once again, thanks for helping us make Spotify better, by participating here on the Community.

Status changed to: Up for Votes


Marked as new idea. As an alternative, you could create a playlist folder: Spotify top left menu => File => New playlist folder. However that doesn't filter out the duplicates, so add your kudos here if you prefer this solution here. 😉


If you create a 'playlist folder', and add the two (or more) playlists you want to combine in this Playlist folder, you get the combined playlist without duplicates.


Update: apparently, this doesn't work anymore.. Bummer.

I've posted a new workaround below.


@Premify It does filter out duplicates, doesn't it? Let's say I create a Playlist Folder, and add playlist 1 (which contains song A, B and C) and add playlist 2 (which contains song B, C and D). The Playlist Folder only shows A, B, C and D (not A, B, C, C, D, D). This is how I filter duplicates from single playlists. If I create a Playlist Folder with only one playlist, which contains songs A, B, C, C, C; the Playlist Folder only shows A, B, C in stead of three times C. The Playlist Folder shows song 'C' which is added most recently to my playlist

I just made a similar suggestion over at instead of just renaming or deleting a playlist one should be able to merge the contents of one playlist into another. subsumed if you will. effectively refining it and specifically not renaming the list to which the contents were merged into
Marco wrote:
[...]As an alternative, you could create a playlist folder: Spotify top left menu => File => New playlist folder. 

 Is there a way to copy and paste a playlist/playlist folder and into another folder, not just move it, so as to be able to create more than one combination containing a specific list?


I am able to copy a playlist or playlist folder Edit -> Copy. However the Copy and Paste items in the Edit menu are disabled (OS X) when "my new great list" is selected.


Added my kudos to your idea.





Buijsman95: Are 'playlist maps' implemeted in the Spotify app? I couldn't find it. It would be a really nice feature!





To have the opportunity to organize Playlists within a Playlist Map / Playlist Folder / Playlist Filter should be a core feature in Spotify! So you can organize Playlists all over your devices (Desktop App - Browser App - Mobile App)! This would be awesome!!!


Question: What about merging or combining some playlists with the same name into one? How are we able to do that? How do we merge playlist if you got some playlist with the same name?


This is such a basic feature of playlist managent... I think it should work with charts as well. I've been looking all over the internet for how to do this and I can't believe its not implemented already.



(CC: @Luisaraus, @hollbutt, @Duskfeline, @TuacaTom, @Valentin_Hammer you gave @martin_ a kudo, so this post might be relevant)


My apologies, I completely forgot to reply to your comment, back in 2014 (I remembered this topic because my workaround doesn't work anymore since a recent update). I meant playlist folder in stead of playlist map (poor translation from Dutch). Doesn't really matter though.


Instead, you could create a new playlist and copy all songs of the desired playlists into the new one (Spotify has implemented a warning that allows you to exclude duplicate songs). Here is an easy way to copy all songs from one playlist to another: select one song in your playlist, then click 'Edit' in the top of your screen. Now click 'Select all'. All songs in your playlist will be selected, and you can add them to your new playlist by sweeping to your new playlist (alternately you select all songs and then right-click on one of them, then choose your playlist in 'Add to Playlist')


I hope this is still relevant and helps you.