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Spotify Connect For Desktop App

To add the Spotify Connect feature to the desktop application, so it's possible to remote control desktop Spotify from a phone.



[Mod edit - clarified idea and removed second idea in post. If you'd like DLNA support in Spotify, please head here.]



 Hi guys,


I think the next update will have connect feature.

Meanwhile you can download the beta version here:



You can find in the web MAC-VERSION.


Thank you all.
I love you all.




We are thrilled to say this very popular idea is now implemented!

We’ve just released a great new Premium feature, which lets you play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote. You can read more about Connect for computers here or check out the video below:



Status changed to: Up for Votes

Marked as new idea and edited the "windows" out of the title to make it a general request for desktop apps. It should be just a matter of time before Spotify Connect rolls out to the Desktop version, too. Then you can control your mobile devices and supported speakers with your desktop client! 😉


Any news on the progression of this? My HiFi-equipment is hooked up to a HTPC running Spotify on Linux, would love to be able to control that client from my Android. Right now I can only control my phone with my other phone, seems pretty pointless to me.


I am hoping to hear about Spotify connect for desktop clients. As jadedcyborg, I think that this featur between  mobile devices is pointless!


Well - for one, you can send your music from your phone to your Roku (like airplay) - which is really useful.  As useful as this is, however, when I'm sitting in front of a computer all day with Spotify running I don't see the need to have my phone out and active.  Consider this my vote for the feature and my thanks for it's implementation thus far.  I knew you guys would get around to it! 😉


Yes Please Bring the feature to the destop version i want to control the desktop app from my phone


Yes, PLEASE finally get on with the desktop client. I have one mobile device connected to my home theather system, but I'm tired of having to turn wi-fi on and off again on my phone to switch to another song. While sitting on my PC where Wi-Fi is alawys on and Spotify is just a click away, it would take just a second to switch to dektop client and play another song on mobile device without having to either get up evey now and then and go to tablet connected to home theater system or to grab the phone and search for another song. While mobile apps are great, search is much more convenient in desktop client (especially when you work on your pc). DO something about it please! Or maybe intorduce spotify app on samung apps for legacy (I have samsung C650 series tv). I guess the latter one won't be an option, will it?




I really do not understand why this feature is not included allready. Spotify "Connect with limitations" is a better name for the service.


I can guarantee that part of the problem with this is the studios. They are probably wanting certain new music to not be able to be played anywhere because there are still some songs they won't allow on mobile. It blurs the lines when you have all your devices connected. They probably are having legal issues with that.


for those looking for a spotify connect alternative until they get it squared away, Spotiamp 0.2 has spotify connect support (suprisingly). download it @ [mod edit - no external links please]

it's super lightweight too. Takes little ram and cpu usage and its aimed to be like the classic Winamp theme and is themeable.


Yes please, I add my support to this request.  This is an essential feature and it's hard to believe it wasn't included from the start.


I'm frequently sitting at home working on my laptop listening to spotify (on a Spotify Connect enabled Beoplay A9) and have to reach for my phone to control the music volume or track selection. I have a beautiful spotify app right in front of me that's useless!