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Spotify Connect For Desktop App

To add the Spotify Connect feature to the desktop application, so it's possible to remote control desktop Spotify from a phone.



[Mod edit - clarified idea and removed second idea in post. If you'd like DLNA support in Spotify, please head here.]



 Hi guys,


I think the next update will have connect feature.

Meanwhile you can download the beta version here:



You can find in the web MAC-VERSION.


Thank you all.
I love you all.




We are thrilled to say this very popular idea is now implemented!

We’ve just released a great new Premium feature, which lets you play Spotify through your computer, using your phone or tablet as a remote. You can read more about Connect for computers here or check out the video below:




I agree - connect on my iMac would be very useful as I use it to deliver music to the whole house through 2 Apple TVs and 3 Airports. It's very nice to have the same music all over.  Until then spotify+airfoil+remoteless does the job. With that unfortunate objection that remoteless seems to be a little unstable.


Yes pleasee!!!  Spotify Connect for the Windows 7/8.x desktop app!


The lack of this feature is one of the main reasons I would consider a switch to RDIO.  I have a dedicated HTPC (Mac Mini) connected to my stereo, which I want to control from my iPhone and iPad.  Remoteless + Airfoil doesn't enable all of the features of the Spotify app.  Connect for desktop would solve my problems.


Any Official reply from Spotify? When will Spotify Connect be available from Windows desktop and Windows Phone. I just bought a brilliant Spotify Connect enabled wireless speaker "Freya" from Clint Audio 



Seems like such an obvious feature.  IMPLEMENT!!!


I'm confused why this wasn't already a feature as well.. using your phone as a spotify remote for your desktop spotify client.


It's great that they have their own "Connect Partner" speakers..  you would just think making this feature work with the desktop client would be the first step before having it work with different hardware.


anyways, I would love to see this feature added


If Spotify was really interested to implement this feature it would been there already. Obviously there are other priorites than paying customers.


Please add this essential feature! Now, I need to control Spotify using remote deskop on my HTPC. 😞


Please add this feature soon, obviously the community really wants it. It works great from my phone, but I would like to use the HTPC to be able to control it from my TV. 


As a bonus multi target would be great, but something is better than nothing at this point.


Why is this still not out? "It's just a few lines of code" they say, yeah - but this is a key feature and the current Spotify Connect does not really serve to much.



Here's an idea:

Desktop and laptop computers tend to have louder speakers compared to tablets or phones - you can have more users blasting out music at higher volumes. More people ask what the music is. Then "Oh what is this, Spotify? Cool" ensues. You just gained another customer.


Just do it already..