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Add Browse menu to SONOS

It would be great to access all Spotify's music more easily through SONOS app.  I want to access the browse menu to select categories of music such as "moods", "top lists", "work out", etc and play them through my SONOS speakers.  Right now all I can figure to do is open spotify app, follow one of the playlitsts under these menus, then go back into SONOS app, and play as a playlist.  This is not very fun when you just want to sit around and discover music and would like to use the great SONOS speakers instead of my phone or laptop speakers.  A lot of people have mentioned allowing Radio functionality on SONOS as well.  That would be bonus! Please get with SONOS and make some magic happen!

Updated: 2015-10-14

We’re thrilled to a announce that per your request Browse features are coming to Sonos. You've got an ever-changing sampling of playlists to make sure you have the perfect music for any moment, day or night. Based on your time zone and updated around the clock. 

Status changed to: Implemented

I agree! Right now lack of full sonos-spotify integration is the only reason stopping me from buying Sonos and Spotify premium


Need this too.  The integration with Google Music is much better.


Sonos and spotify are just meant to be fully bundled but it makes it really hard to make good use of the Spotify experience if you cannot do music discovery........ that is a HUGE blow in my perception to Spotify because their service is just not good enough... 

If I want to play my own playlist spotify is good on sonos BUT  if I want to listen to new music and discover than Google is much better as they encourage music discovery... so this sucks.

I write from Denmark so that means I am among the ones that pay the highest spotify premium fees in the world... now with this service you suck... Sorry! Please do something against it!

Better integration for Sonos ! ! ! 


Thanks for that !

I sent email to both Sonos and Spotify and Spotify finally admit that the lack of functionnality was its fault. I asked for more information, incl. to know when Spotify plan to integrate full functionalities into Sonos. No answer. They asked me to post a "new idea" on the community and I see that many users have the same needs.

But, not easy to find a post with a clear answer from Spotify ...

Spotify, could you tell us what are your plans regarding functionnality integration into Sonos ????


As a new PREMIUM Spotify user I was getting all excited about the service, ready to switch from being a paying Rhapsody user to a paying Spotify user.  I especially loved the browsing on Spotify but was shocked to find you can do that on Sonos.  PLEASE PLEASE fix or I will go back to Rhapsody.  There's a lot to love about Spotify but if you use Sonos it's a fatal flaw, for me at least.


Spotify, I have invested in a full fledged Sonos at my new house. 22 loudspeakers, 14 zones, but what a disappointment then to discover that the Spotify plugin for Sonos is in such a bad shape.


As a result, I signed up for several other Spotify-like services to test how well they worked.


Every single of those I tried supported browse playlist.


It's even worse than local competitor TDC Play's implementation, and they are notoriously known to be pretty slow.


So, fix it or I need to switch to alternative service. It's a simple as that. Sorry to say, - I love your product otherwise, but circumstances...

I agree it is missed opportunity for both Spotify and Sonos. I contacted Sonos, but they referred to Spotidy. Please make everything available in Spotify app also in Sonos, or add Sonos to Spotify connect!

I have the same issue. Upgraded to spotify premium to browse new music through sonos app. Unless this gets fixed, I am looking for a new service. Bummed!


I am in exactly the same situation. I have the Browse function when accessing directly on my iPhone and PC but not through the Sonos app on either. I was assuming there would be no difference. Adding the Browse function as an option in the Sonos app would be a great benefit for Spotify Premium users. I want to use Spotify through my Sonos components at home. Please work with Sonos to get this sorted out!