[Android] Rearrange Tracks inside a Playlist

On my iPod I can manually move my songs around that are in my playlist, but I can't do the same on my phone which is what I mostly use. It would be easier to have that option on all devices.

Updated on 2018-07-11


The Spotify Community team here.

We're pleased to confirm that this feature should now be available to all Android users.
We'd recommend double-checking that you're running the latest version of Spotify.
Once again, thanks for showing your support here in the Community.
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Since I am not developing this app anymore I've decided to publish the source code. You can fork it and do whatever the **bleep** you want with it 😛



Any chance of adding an option to plestle called "send to top/bottom" so we
don't have to just drag in large playlists (major props to Borowscy
for making the app, totally understand you're not developing it any more,
so more just making the idea public following your announcement to publish
the source code in the hopes that someone will do it if not the creator)
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@BLAYKIVXX Make a selection, then click on the gear in the top right. You can then send tracks to top or bottom.




>Since I am not developing this app anymore I've decided to publish the source code. You can fork it and do >whatever the **bleep** you want with it 😛


> https://bitbucket.org/czaarek99/sporder


Great idea! Downloading now to see what can be done, its been two months of Android training, hope I can understand what this code does and how to modify it to implement new things 🙂


Thanks for your contribution!


Seems odd that I can't reorder the songs in my plalists.   Standard practice seems to be to hold the item and it will then allow you to move it in the list (at least that's how it is for most apps that have a list view)   


It gives you several options when you hold the item: remove it from the playlist, move it to "up next", save to another playlist. But not move it somewhere else on the current playlist.



yeeeh same with me, in i phone i can move the.song where ever i want, not in android....pleale fix it...


I can't believe it, why spotify taking so long to make this a feature....


I used to be able to re-arrange tracks within a playlist.  Is this still a feature?



@topierce It never was and it seems that it never will (in Android, elsewhere else it's possible) 🙂