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[Android] "Don't play this artist" feature for Android Premium users

Currently, all Free users and Premium iOS users have the ability to block any artist just by going to their pages and tapping "Don't play this artist".


This is not possible for Premium users who use Android devices, and I've seen some complaints about it in the Community.


So it would be great to make it available to all users regardless of the platform.

Updated on 2019-10-28

Hi everyone.
Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this idea in the Community.

We’re excited to say that this is now also possible for Premium users on Android.


It was available.

After a "few updates this feature's gone from the ANDROID version and Windows version.

Come on Spotify! There are lots of "Artists" that should not be in my daily mixes.

Where did the block artist / song go?


Why is this feature not available across all platforms? I just looked on Mac OS X desktop, and it is not there. It is on my phone. Does it apply across devices or is it device specific? If it doesn't apply across devices, it is somewhat useless. If it does, then why is it not exposed for them?


I can't see it on my android???

I'm a long term premium user 


Where has this feature gone???


This must have feature is now gone, why ?


In the "daily mix" in my desktop spotify player, there is no option to block an artist. Even when I click on "view artist", this option to block an artist, is missing again. Please fix the error and bring back the block button. Thanks.


I see this is from about a year ago, but I'm still not able to "don't play this artist" on Windows....?

Will this be done at some point or should I move platforms?


Yeah, I like to use the radio feature but it keeps reccomending me music on my desktop from a musician who I am not comfortable listening to meaning I use youtube, despite paying for spotify


This implementation DOES NOT WORK!!!!

It is really aggravating -

I want to hear nice relaxing music by Mozart.

So, I ask via Alexa to play Mozart using Spotify hoping to get an assortment.

EVERY DAMN time Spotify plays the exact same sequence of songs. Amazon music does this much better - doesn't play the same rotation of the exact same stuff everytime ask for something like this.

But to make matters worse, some non-Mozart stuff from "Ice" gets inserted - jarring awful music. So, I find that artist and BLOCK it. But it STILL GETS PLAYED when I ask for Mozart! Comeon. Stop this nonsense.

And, there is another artist that does play Mozart music but it is awful. And I block the artist - yet it STILL COMES UP EVERY TIME. Not just a song, entire albums and I have to manually REMOVE every single one from the queue. 

I am new to Spotify with the 3 month trial and if this isn't fixed, I am not going to continue as a customer.

Extremely annoying.

"Don't play this artist" does not work on my Iphone pro 11 plus.  I "ban" the artist but they keep being included in playlists.  I've done all the suggested "fixes" like a clean uninstall etc and no help.  Spotify is ignoring the problem, no customer service at all.  About to cancel account


It still works for me on Android, but why is this not cross-platform. Do people who only use phones pay more or something? I use it 50/50 on my phone and desktop and it's just ridiculous that this is only availible on phones.