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Auto-delete played and/or downloaded podcast episodes

This suggestion has been posted before, but it needs to be suggested again until it is implemented.

There absolutely needs to be an option to delete played episodes from the episode list. Not everyone will use this, but many will, and it's considered basic functionality on other podcast software by now. The same option should exist for downloaded episodes.

If Spotify wants to compete with established podcast software, they need to at least match the basic feature set. This is not a "bells and whistles" kind of feature.


Hey folks,


Thanks for staying with us and waiting for the updates on this one.


Happy to let you know that this suggestion has been implemented 🙂

If you have trouble finding the feature, you can post in our Help Boards. And if you have any suggestions on how to improve it, you can post a new idea.




Agree! This is such a basic feature and it's crazy that Spotify doesn't support it. I'm considering switching back to Apple Podcasts because of it. Here's a comment that Spotify closed that also addressed this shortcoming well:


Let’s make it happen. You can do it Spotify people!


Honestly yes!! It takes soo long & is such a hassle to go through the list and manually delete 😞


I seriously cannot believe this basic podcast function isn't already included. Having to manually clean out the download/"Your Episode" playlist is an absolutely miserable user experience.


Yep, I went back to Apple Podcasts a couple weeks ago because the Spotify functionality is too far behind.


 Totally agree with everyone within this discussion. Auto delete of podcasts episodes upon downloaded and completion is essential for the podcast user.


Plus I would also like to point out, that not everyone has an unlimited data plan to stream and some of us prefer downloading due to data allowances per month. These are just two examples of why auto clean up of podcasts episodes are needed asap for the app.


I totally agree either with everyone in this thread!


Don't forget the Apple Watch in this case! Automatic download to the watch when a new episode appears and automatic delete when completed.


Desktop Your Episodes should also have the Unplayed/In Progress/Played filter options
Mobile Your Episodes should have a Played filter option and ability to select episodes or select all to delete.


I see that this thread now has 100 likes. Does this mean it'll be finally implemented? 🙏


This is a need - it is so annoying having to remove the download after listening to a podcast and it is using up all of my phone storage.