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Better Section for new releases and popular albums.

The current "what's new" section is terrible. please add a section with an in depth list of new releases, and what is currently popular. Along with a larger recommended music section.

Hello everyone! Spotify here. We're ecstatic to announce that we've now finished rolling out the New Releases section in the Browse tab. You should also be able to check out the Top Lists from the Browse view shown in the screenshot below. Enjoy the music and thanks for the feedback everyone.



Viola! New Releases and Top lists in Browse, ladies and gentlemen. 


Screen Shot 2013-12-16 at 11.54.15 AM.png




I completely agree. I was just touring Rdio and Mog and they have a beautiful new release section. Especially, Rdio, the new release section has many, many pages of new releases, not just the popular stuff. GIVE US MORE DISCOVERY. Not everybody wants to use an app to discover new music. Sometimes I just wanna look at the new releases, and check out artists I've never heard of. Also, the reccomendation system should be revamped as well. Go through my top artists, and give me pages of albums I should check out!

You know what? I didn't want to mention Rdio in the Spotify forums but Rdio's new release section is exactly the reason I made this post. The more I see Rdio's well though out design when it comes to discovery the more I regret getting an annual subscription to Spotify.

Totaly aggre,


The Spotify new release section need a lot of work.


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I searched in Spotify "year:2012".


Why just few results? I think that in 2012 record labels are released much more music?



A simple page listing the week's new releases (or new additions to the catalogue) would be a huge improvement. If categorized as New Singles and New Albums, then all the better. Or even just a simple list of all the latest releases (newest first) so that we can scroll through the lot, going back however far we fancy.




Incidentally, it would be nice to be able to search by release date; for example, to be able to bring up any tracks/albums in my playlists which were released in a particular year (or custom dates).


Yeah, New releases by albums and singles is needed with possibility to filter by genre (as implemented in Radio).



Currently paying for both Rdio and Spotify and I have to use Rdio to browse new releases cause Spotify's is SO BAD. New ALBUMS should be up first and forget all the trending playlists and recommended. OR... make the layout of the new releases section customisable




What's New has HUGE potential for music discovery as the top listed siebar item.  I check it every day.  Some days I'm not at the compu, but there's no way to see what was released while I was away.  I'm even subscribed to Spotify's New Album Releases playlist, but its so seldom upated (and misses DOZENS of new releases each week) that its practically as useless as What's New.


The Topper: opening iTunes once a week to scan fresh new releases (by genre) and finding that Spotify has at least 50% of the stuff already online!!  So the stuff is there, but its just buried in the pile with no intelligable way of finding out about it using the core app.




It could be an app, and then we'd like to have those apps on ios too (Yes please) Or we could just have optional, sortable columns Original release date, Rerelease date (current album), On Spotify date. Or a combination of both ideas - ann app containing other columns like genre. 0-5 star rating, perhaps comments and above menchioned.

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