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Normal window behavior

Spoty ignores standard windows window behaviour and this makes it one of the few progrrams i use that just dont seem to want to work along with the standard.


if i drag the spotify to the top of the screen it should maximize like any normal application does.

if i drag a maximized spotify away from the top of the screen it should shrink down to the old size and alow for being dragged around.


windows key + left or right should resize the screen to half the screen and put it in the correct spot,

windows key + up should maximize spotify.


its all standard windows 7 behaviour and should be supported (when you work with 2 monitors like me its very handy if programs just behave correctly)


We're happy to announce that we've implemented this with the latest version of Spotify. Desktop version 0.9.6. is currently in the process of rolling out so be on the lookout for the update. Thanks everyone and keep the ideas coming!

Completely agree. I tend to have Spotify and Thunderbird side by side on the second monitor - which is a pain because I have to resize manually.

Totally agree!! This is called Aero Peak and Spotify needs to have this!

it did have it at the beginning, with the new updates and such, it seems to have removed it. Plus, its not called Aero Peek. its the window bumping. Aero Peek just shows a preview of the page... just to clear that up


i dont really care how it called as long as i can just treat spotify the same as my other windows.


everybody with 2 monitors is sure to try and pull the window away only ti find it stays right there. a single click and drag action suddenly turns into a 3 step process of shrinking the window, then dragging it to the other monitor only to make it full screen again there


It's not called "window bumping," it's called aero snap.  And they didn't remove the functionality, they changed something about their UI that BROKE aero snap.  This is a BUG.  Don't kid yourself, this was a decision where the styles and events needed for snap needed to be overridden to put rounded corners or some **bleep** on there.  Stuff like this happens in software all the time; real functionality being taken out for aesthetic bull**bleep**.


Well, it seems the people at Spotify are too busy giving Apple a reach-around to care about people using the Windows desktop application.  I'll be terminating my subscription this weekend.  I can get my music from anywhere, and so can the rest of you.  The reason I was using spotify is because the service is fast and reliable.  The worst part about this is I specifically remember being able to use aero snap with Spotify some time ago, and although I don't remember exactly when it broke I believe it was a couple months ago.  In short, I've had it with the terribly coded Android app (painfully obvious iPhone app port) and the general lack of attention for any platform other than Apple.  So, Apple fan boys, enjoy because Spotify seems to love catering to you.  Good riddance.


yeah, maybe a good idea.

im paying money i could waste on other things for something that doesnt get fixed when its broken.




They have until Saturday, at which point I will torrent all of the three playlists I have in Spotify where I'm actually streaming music from them.  The rest of what I listen to isn't even in their library.  The only reason I'm subscribed really is because I thought I might have been supporting artists but instead I'm supporting a bunch of lazy Apple loving developers.  Even buying music on iTunes, converting to mp3 and closing iTunes is a better solution at this point.  Foobar2k is an always will be the only audio player worth using.


Its so wierd that they still havent fixed this!


Spotify, get your ass up xD


well fixing bugs doesnt sell.

maybe they are too busy making a useless feature that nobody really wants but looks good on the frontpage