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Close Button Closes Spotify [Windows]

Or at least minimize it to a tray Icon. But I would say close it. Maybe this is more of an opinion, but I've only used 2 programs that are this bad. Skype and Spotify. And Skype is a really bad program.  So I don't know why in Spotify, the Close and Minimize button do the same exact thing. I would like a quick way to close the program and stop the musik.  This is mainly a problem for me on Windows 7 and I believe linux is very similar.


Hey everyone. This feature was implemented for Windows users in our latest update (1.0). You can read more about this update here. Thanks for your kudos and feedback here in the Idea Exchange. 


this is the most annoying aspect of spotify. so much so that I avoid using it wherever possible until this issue is fixed


I registered on this forum, just so I could +1 this!


Close cannot be a standard minimize! Close CAN be "minimize to the task tray" (the area by the clock).

It does effect how I use the program and I close it often because of this. In fact, Winamp is still running and I haven't touched it in a week! (Nor rebooted my PC...)

Skype made the same mistake and solved it very simply with a setting in their preferences.


A music program should not take up valuable taskbar space!


Thanks for listening!


Please make an option to make the close button (X) actually close the program.  It seems like a no-brainer, but different strokes for different folks I guess.  I love Spotify except for this one annoying feature. Thanks!

Yes please. Every app I use closes itself when click a close button!!! ...excl. Spotify. 😞


Wow.. I actually just register to this forum to share my annoyance with you, and with the programmers in particular. Who came up with this brilliant way of closing. Common sense would have rejected this idea in a second but all of you couldn't. If I was Microsoft I would fine you for f*cking up their system of minimizing and closing of programs. If every separate program could decide what top right icon to use for what function windows would be a total and utter mess. 


besides this major error; pretty good program with just some other minor flaws. 


I also think having the Close X Button mean minimize is counter intuitive. It should work just as the X button works in the rest of the operating system. It is really not Spotify's buissiness to change the function of window container buttons. Those people that accidentally close when they mean minimize just have to learn.


I never have the need to minimize windows in general, I just ALT + TAB to next window or use the Activity bar to choose another window.


This is the only program on my computer that does not close when you click on the X in the upper right hand corner. This needs to be just like any other program, elsewise I will delete this app just like I've deleted every other app that does something that feels even the slightest bit like some form of "dirty trick".


The fact that someone thought it was a good idea to make the close button minimize when right next to that button is the one that is SUPPOSED to minimize is a pretty ignorant attempt at something...I'm just not sure what they were thinking...


Basically, change it or lose a customer.


Im thinking its time to move to groove shark, at least it will work as it should since itrelays on browers which exit upon pressing x instead of acting like malware 


Btw, they used to have this option in Preferences. On my personal computer, I was able to change it so that now, when I click "X," it quits. Now if you look in Preferences, they've removed the option.


I don't know why this is even a problem.  The red close button works on OSX, so why wouldn't it do the same in WIndows?  PLEASE come to your senses and fix this ASAP!