[Country] Launch Spotify in Romania

Status: Implemented

I think that given the current alternatives:

- Zonga

- Deezer

- Apple Music (in the not-so-distant future)


Spotify would be wasting a chance to get further into the eastern market if it does not launch in Romania as well. There are already a lot of musicians from Romania on Spotify, which means that securing licensing agreements couldn't have been that hard. Furthermore, following the example of deezer which comes bundled with Orange voice contracts, respectively zonga and vodafone, I think that Spotify could seize this opportunity to secure a deal with Telekom and either bundle their services or just outright open here as well. It makes a lot of sense especially since Spotify opened in Hungary and Bulgaria as well. The expansion would only be natural and it would also further drive down the hated piracy phenomenon in the balkans and eastern europe. In the 21th century on a competing market, spotify's ease of use, multiplatform, streaming quality and array of artists would ensure a switch over from the other services to spotify. I was told by a Spotify support representative, a few months back that it is planned to launch Spotify in Romania as well, however, somehow, those plans changed, and the "official facebook page" was taken down, and now, the official position is that nobody knows when this is happening. I only want to know the truth, and use this service without resorting to all sorts of loopholes to enjoy it. 


I think it's time people in my country are treated the same way others are all over europe. There's bad seeds everywhere, but I don't think everyone has to be held accountable for the actions of the few. If you demand respect, you should show respect.


To people that want to support my idea: Please give it a kudo and make sure to share this with all of your Spotify buddies ! 🙂


Thank you !

Updated on 2018-06-16

Hey there!


Spotify is available in Romania for a while now. 🙂


I agree. This has gotten beyond stupid at this point. This thread is like 2 years old. And the idea to actually open it came to me in 2014. What the **bleep** will it take for Spotify to actually open up here ? Because I'm actually stupid enough to want to give you 10 euros a month for a catalgue smaller than Apple Musics, with more software bugs and you guys really don't want it. You even blacklisted all non spotify country Credit cards. Because hey, why stop at "**bleep**" when you can go the extra mile to "Complete Tool", right ? 


There is a rumor that it will launch on 19 October.

hope dies last....


19 October was cancelled. New rumored date launch: 28 November


Hey, I’m from the distant future of... the 28th of November. As of the time I’m writing, I haven’t seen any news, promotional articles and Spotify still doesn’t work. Are you guys just taking the **bleep** at this point?


Hello, i heard that Spotify will be available in Romania on 28.Nov.2017 and i really want to know if that's true. Thanks in advance!


Hello Spotify Support, any input on this?


I'd love to find the answer to this too


Come on, Spotify! We want you, why don't you want us?


Come on Spotify, you can do this.