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[Country] Spotify in Albania

I wanted to help to bring spotify in Albania I can see that this app is used by albanians a lot but with VPN changed apps. So to make it much simple i wanted to get in contact to bring spotify in Albania and we can have a agreement for that, if the staff or anyone in the company is interested i would like to contact with him about the terms and conditions that Spotify has to come in Albania. Thank you!

Updated on 2020-07-15


Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Albania!

There's some more information on this here.

Happy listening!

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Updated on 2017-08-16

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I live in Albania now and I want Spotify to come here, I would help introducing the app to a lot of people and as the first music app launched here, I think a lot of people would be interested in it. Count me in. 


That's great! I hope it comes true.

Please everyone vote on this idea, we really need this platform in Albania, thank you. Faleminderit.


Please we really need it, Spotify is the best!


We really need Spotify in Albania please


I hope the employees of Spotify will read this. I know that you maybe aren't getting as much votes as you need about this idea, but we aren't really a big country, and there aren't a lot of people who know Spotify. Maybe because Spotify doesn't have advertesiments in Albania, that's true. But Albanians at first listen to a lot of music. I don't know if they would pay or not, I would say that we would do the best for our music. We don't want you to do so much things for us like, putting a chart only for Albania like the other countries, or personalazing our accounts with Albanian music. All we want is just music.


You dont know what is music for us. If Spotify will come here, I would like to introduce it to all my friends!


Someone please do something to bring Spotify in Albania.All countries have spotify,what about us?


Hey @zeroo00@3c-hl_9y4auzi , @enicreator@markopolo12@enicreator and @evelinaa,


Thanks for bringing this one up.

I've wanted to do that for a while too but I'm happy someone else has done that before me.


I'd recommend sharing it on other social media apps as welll so it could get lots of support.


Thanks 🙂