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[Country] Spotify in Bangladesh

Is there any chance of releasing spotify in Bangladesh? People of this country do love music a lot and there are so many talented musicians in Bangladesh. Spotify would open great opportunity for us, the people of this country. 

Updated on 2021-02-25

Hey all,


Thanks for bearing with us! 


We're excited to share with you that Spotify is now available in Bangladesh!

There's some more information on this here.


Happy listening 🙂


Hola saludos desde Argentina les dejo una lista de Grandes Éxitos de BTS es la banda favorita de mi hija y me gustó mucho.



Please make Spotify available on Bangladesh so lots of our friend can enjoy their favorite music in there...Hope our Bangladeshi Armys can enjoy their Spotify soon...Thank you...


I hope that this will be coming soon 😉


Yes, please . We love to listen music and there are many talented artist here in Bangladesh. We need spotify here!! 


There's 745 Votes but still why spotify is not interested to open their service on Bangladesh.


 Please, add Bangladesh To your membership countrys. It will be great for bangladeshi Armys to stream bts songs on spotify. 


  1. there are many talented Artists in Bangladesh tooo. why aren't spotify launch it In Bangladesh?? Plz add Bangladesh plzzz 😩😩💓

I think this is a great idea. bts fans are growing immensely in Bangladesh and there's a large audience patiently awaiting for their chance to support their favorite artists on Spotify for a long time. Launching Spotify in Bangladesh would no doubt be a success. I'm down for this. 


Hope Spotify could be available in Bangladesh. I saw Bangladesh ARMYS want to help in streaming so they really need this platform.


We have a lot of passion for music and Spotify is the biggest platform for streaming music. But unfortunately it's not available in our country. Please make Spotify available in Bangladesh