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[Country] Spotify in Ukraine

Hi Spotify team!

When watching Eurovision on TV in Stockholm this year I couldn't but think why Spotify is not yet registered in Ukraine? Eurovision 2017 in Ukraine would be a great marketing kick-start for the app in this country. Unlike Russia's personal data laws, Ukraine has no such restrictions of keeping the data only in Ukraine, so one large chunk of a problem is away. 

Although I currently live in Finland (relocating soon to Stockholm), I have test run the idea on my Ukrainian relatives/ friends/ partners etc. and it'd be successful there. Similarly to Russia and all the illegal music streaming through social media and online sources, there is a shift among user behavior - preference to have access to lots of good quality music all the time at any place.

Updated on 2020-07-15

Hey there folks,

Thanks for coming to the Community, and adding your votes and comments to this idea.

We're very happy to announce that Spotify is now available in Ukraine.

There's some more information on this here!

Happy listening!


Oh, and recent news of launching in India and the Russian Federation makes me think the issue probably has to do with  marketing strategy and stuff




Yep this is exactly how i feel, kinda smiling sarcastically everytime someone posts here requesting spotify in Ukraine. I think we will be in EU faster then we will have Spotify (and that is like 20 years from now) 


Happy with YT Premium


It's really nice to know that goddamned India got Spotify first.
Now they can run a tech support scam AND listen to Spotify Premium at the same time. Nice.


Thats just rude, India has 1.3 billion people (thats the most inportant part) and they are relatively advanced in tech production, we on the other hand are always broken country with people with 70 dollars pension a month and alcoholics everywhere, we have the highest by far rates of aids\hiv in Europe and we produce no useful end products, we cant build cars, we cant make smartphones, computers, tvs, or any other decent quality technology, compared to India we are in Africa, so i just wrote that to balance the stupid things you wrote. From Spotify point of view its way more lucrative to launch in India then in Ukraine. 


Don't see how the pensions, AIDS rates and industrial sector development matter to a music streaming platfom, my man. Instead, try to compare the actual target audience of such services, their buying power and willingness to spend on the media. 


But still, India is a highly important market for many other reasons and not surpried that they were prioritized. Just don't be one of those petty guys screaming zrada online instead of analyzing stuff that actually matters.

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@mad_krevedko More of poor, yet proud Spotify Premium countries here:

India is kinda ok, IYG WIM

@Lladerat IT, IT! well, outsource, mostly, but you get the point. 

@Lladerat @PotatoLord Ukraine is no competitor to India, for many reasons.
And, sure thing, India and Russia (truly an evil empire, btw) are bigger markets bla-bla-bla

Nevertheless, my own little zradophiliac claims that Spotify's strategy looks quite odd and irrational, not to mention the lack of proper reply from the support team.

Would it kill them at least to hint with ETA?  What holds them back? Risk evaluation, legislation, competition, payment systems?! (*sarcasm*)


@PotatoLord Trying to analyze:


Anyways, @Flerken , following your example, switched to YT music. Quite promising so far, transferring Spotify Library there

And the last, but not least. Let's play a game called 'How come X has Premium available and we haven't?! '
Just pick a country from the list:



We love playing music in headphones and speakers around the world. Here are the countries where you can sign up for Spotify:

AsiaJapan, Israel, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan, Thailand, Vietnam, India. 
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I go with Honduras. Who's next?



My vote on Western Sahara. Also, maybe having false hopes here, but some bloke in Facebook spreads rumors that Spotify will launch in several CIS countires including Ukraine (not CIS anymore ehehe) around summer 2019.


Btw, some guys tried to submit new threads on the subject, and received a standard "dunno, subscibe to updates" reply from community managers. Guess they only sort by new and do not monitor older threads. Commence chaos, nobody will notice.


I was waiting for many years to have Spotify in Ukraine. I even bought 8 redeem cards to use premium when I was in US.

Last 2 week Google shown to me a lot of benefits in Youtube music/video premium service. I have ability to listen to a lof of content on smartphone, android auto, laptop, recomendation is quite nice. Price is very resonable. All my family switched to Youtube music premium.

So it will be hard to return me back to use Spotify

I suppose soon a lot of people will give up for waiting Spotify and start using Youtube Premium.