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[Desktop] Bring back the ability to add local files to Your Library

Just discovered that the feature to add local files from my desktop to my library has been removed. I have a large amount of music that I have as files on my computer which are not available on the Spotify library for various reasons, but I still want to be able to add them to my personal playlists and listen to them on the same platform as the rest of my music. I can't be the only one who has this issue. Being able to add my own music to a library is a bit of a make-or-break feature for a music application for me.

Updated on 2020-11-19

Hey there folks,


We really appreciate your passion for this feature and want to thank you all for your feedback!


Your voice has been heard and this is now implemented into our current test version of the 'New Desktop Experience'.


Feel free to share any further feedback related to this feature, or the new test version in general, here.


Happy listening 🎶


Spotify Staff. Why would you get rid of Local Files? Where is the logic? Much like many other people, if no Local Files is a permanent implementation, then I will not be using Spotify anymore. Local Files has become one of the main reasons I have stayed with you guys for so long. This is sad for me because I have used Spotify for almost 7 years and have enjoyed using it up until recently. It would be sad to see all my songs just disappear. Please reconsider getting rid of Local Files.

  • I'm pretty sure we pay a subscription for these guys to just make the app worse every update. Why take away any features at all? Why not just add more if it's what the paying community asks for?!

Add a Local File to a playlist, then save it to your Library from the playlist on your mobile device. Worked a month ago. 



  yeah for some reason in the last week this feature has gone from my desktop and my files that I had saved in playlist for my phone are gone 😞 hopefully they change it back


I can play my local files on Spotify.

what I would like to see is those files spread all over my devices synced 

  • Hey, so I logged out and in and got my local files option back. To get them on your phone, just put the local files in a playlist, then when you go into the playlist on your device download the playlist and your songs will be there. But that's as good as it gets. It would be cool if we could share the with friends and just not make money off it

this new update is sooo trash they removed all handy tools, i cant even filter out my playlist anymore i gotta scroll through the 1000 song playlist to find a song i added. AND BRING BACK LOCAL FILES ASAP!! OR I WILL SWITCH TO APPLE MUSIC 


Yeah I agree, although I learned that if you log out and in it goes back to his it was before. I did that and it worked for local files etc. Then I just don't click update haha, they make it difficult to like sometimes hey.


Not sure what happened but maybe Spotify returned local files, didnt need to re-login or anything, just returned when i turned on my pc today


Ah ok sweet. Maybe they saw a bunch of us all talking**bleep** and complaining about it haha