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[Desktop] Daily Mix on Desktop

I love love love the daily mixes on my phone, why can't it follow onto my computer?  That would make me so happy! 

Updated: 2016-12-16

We’re excited to announce that Daily Mix is now available on Desktop under Your Music. Be sure you're on the latest version of Spotify to get Your Daily Mix. Enjoy!

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Music Fan

Thank you! 👏


I just now found Your Daily Mix!  I AM IN LOVE!!!!!  I want them to stay FOREVER!!!!  It's like you've organized and compiled all of my favorite playlists!!  THANK YOU SPOTIFY!!!  Y'ALL ROCK!!!!!


Daily mix on desktop for the win!!! Now, if you could just make it so the "heart" button does not add a song to my library. I would prefer just the opposite function of the dislike button, play more songs like the ones I explicitly like.



Music Fan

Lovin' the Daily Mix on my PC desktop!...had one for awhile..then I have SIX..and they're all it..   😃


My Daily Mixes kept disappearing from the desktop client, i.e. the link was not visible anymore in the left sidebar, so I could not access them. It seems that this has to do with my normal language setting to German, because they come back when I switch to English in the Preferences.


I absolutely LOVE the Daily Mixes under "Your Music"!  Thank you for this AWESOME addition!


Does everyone get 6 daily mixes, or is that just me?!?  I love them all!

Music Fan
Mine changes all the time I think I have 5 on mine right now. Follow me and
I follow back ! evilfriends2442

Any update?  I'd love to have this on my desktop.


What's even more annoying is that in the troubleshooting section of Spotify, it says Your Daily Mix is available on the web browser under Your Music, which is a lie. I don't like liars.




What "implemented" ???  Still don't see (my) Daily Mix under "Your Music," on my PC desktop.  I'm pretty sure I have the "latest" version.  Frustrating.